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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Long day on the I-40 through New Mexico

Leaving USA RV Park in Gallup, NM about 7:45 this morning. It rained hard during the night but when we left the sky was blue. But it didn't stay that way. I guess we were traveling faster than the weather was. 
 We stopped about 20 miles down the road to eat breakfast. And look at the weather going down hill. The temperatures were dropping fast too.  
 After breakfast as we walked back to the Alfa we passed this colorful "Cannabus."
 As I said colorful...
Finally going over the Continental Divide at 7300 feet. So we should be going downhill right? Wrong - we eventually got up to 7500 feet. 
And got into RAIN - really really cold rain. Surprised it wasn't frozen. And remembered we never bought the new windshield wipers. UGH!
 Eventually around Albuquerque we got into some sun shine again. One of the decorative overpasses. 
 Just a lonely windmill out in the field. No wind to move it. 
But the no wind didn't last. By the time we passed east of Moriarty the wind began. A look at the long road ahead. In places the wind was hard enough to shake us pretty good. 
 Some body's forgotten dream on old Route 66. 
We stopped for the day in Tucumcari, NM at 1:30. 323 miles closer to home. We both really like this little town. The Mother Road runs right through it. There are murals all over town - great ones. And some of the old motels still remain. Neon lights and all. 
We stopped at our favorite campground - Kiva RV - and discovered it was closed - a major problem with it's electrical supply. Not sure if it will ever reopen. Sure hope it does.
So we stopped at the RV park next door - Cactus RV. Here is the Alfa and Willie enjoying the blue sky. 
This RV park USED to be a motel. This is what is left of the motel. One room has been removed so the RV can go to the back of the property. We were actually parked in the front courtyard.
    A closer look at the old rooms. I like the step rail.
 Walking to dinner we passed an empty field. Couldn't resist taking pictures of the flowers growing there. 

 Isn't Nature wonderful. Just an empty deserted lot. One of the murals - the lettering, motorcycle. car and doors are just paint. 
 One of the old motels - this one is still open. 
 This is where we ate dinner. We eat here everytime we come through. I love the liver and onions and bacon. YUM
 This is a picture inside the restaurant - I LOVE it. Every time we're there I stop and drool over it. Good thing we don't have any room to hang it.  
By afternoon it really warmed up around here. Hopefully the weather holds until we get home. Tomorrow we'll head out again. Into Texas and maybe as far as Oklahoma City...
I was surprised to see another Greyhound bus today - none for years and then two in two days. We also saw a "Big Red Bus" first one I've seen in the US. We see them all the time in Mexico. They are tour buses usually filled with German tourists. It is amazing to see them set up when they stop for a night. 
Diesel is still reasonable at $2.65 at Flying J. 

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