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Monday, April 27, 2015

Left Las Vegas - Arrived Gallup, NM

Finally we are again on our way home. 428 miles closer - 1430 left to go!
We left the Thousand Trails park this morning at 8:30
 Heading towards Arizona - A quick shot of Lake Mead. Didn't see any of the Mountain Goats. And this time I had my camera ready. Oh well/.
 Getting ready to cross the bridge. There was some wind when we left Vegas - so the sign was appropriate. "High Profile Vehicles Use Left Lane Next 1 Mile" So we did. Especially going over the bridge. 
We stopped about 10 miles east of Kingman at a Petro Truck Stop to have breakfast at the Iron Skillet. As always very good and way too much food. 
As we continued towards Flagstaff we saw the snow on the mountains. Some of it was added in the last couple of days. 
 Not quite so much snow on these lower mountains. We got up to 7300 feet. 
Once past Flagstaff we passed the old Two Arrows Route 66 site. Some times we've seen people driving classic cars stopped here taking pictures. 
 Didn't get a really good picture of this - the old Two Arrows Trading Post. Falling into ruin now. Too bad. 
At about 6000 feet - we could see forever. Miles and miles of flat land. Blue sky and puffy white clouds. So pretty. And the desert is green. 
 So many colors in the desert. Some red hills, blue sky, white clouds, yellow and green plants. 
Oh my gosh - an actual Greyhound bus. I haven't seen one in years. If asked I'd have probably said they weren't in business any more. 
The weather today for driving was perfect. After we got past Kingman the wind let up. As you can see the smoke?steam? from the stacks is going straight up. The weather was perfect - about 65 degrees out. Cool enough for me and with the sun coming in the window it was warm enough for Bill. 
And there wasn't too much construction. And what there was was short and easy to go through. And most of I-40 has now been repaved. Only a couple of really rough spots. 
 More colors in the desert - this hill was a real pale shade of yellow.
 A kind of strange looking rock.
So anyway we got to the USA RV Park in Gallup, New Mexico at 6:05 - a change in time zones. 8 1/2 hours later. Travel time included a stop for breakfast and one for fuel. So really only 7 1/2 hours driving time. 428 miles - about 200 more than we'd planned on. But that's the way it goes. We like staying at the USA RV Park. Long pull-throughs, all services, including good WiFi and if you want cable TV. $32.50 a night. Supposed to get down to mid 30s tonight. Electric blanket time for sure. 
Took this around sunset - see the little ghost in the sky? The bright spot. 
 A closer look at him. 
Checked the weather and it is supposed to be good all the way across New Mexico for tomorrow. Just remembered I need to change my watch and laptop times. 
While we were in Mexico I was complaining that we didn't have TV. Now I'm tired of listening and watching it. Well except for the races and soccer. 

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