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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Different kind of house hunting

Had another interesting day here in Vegas. Yesterday our son mentioned to us that a friend of his just moved into a mobile home park here in Vegas. Hummmm... a mobile home park? So guess what we did today. After breakfast we went to a 55+ mobile home park in Henderson. Very enlightening. Might be something we’d be interested in. Saw a 3 bedroom, 2 bath with 2-car garage. Completely repainted with all new appliances. RV storage on site for $20 a month. Quiet, nicely landscaped with lots of amenities. Water and sewer included in lot rent. No property taxes. Might do a little more looking. But of course, we have to get rid of the house in Indiana. Time will tell.
And so far Bill’s allergies are not bothering him. So maybe we could live here. But then we’d have to travel in the summer instead of the winter.
Boy we were just sitting here watching the weather channel and the tornadoes in the Midwest. Glad we aren’t on the road. Suddenly the TV said BEEP – and a tornado watch for our hometown was posted. Sure hope it stays a watch and doesn’t turn into a warning. Also found out today that our across the street and down the hill neighbor’s workshop was flooded from all the rain our home area has had. Glad we aren’t there.
Had a minor repair on the RV done today. The hose to the ice maker was leaking and it was where Bill couldn’t get to it. Taken care of. Nice to have mobile repair services.
Also stopped at a CVS and bought a metal guard for Bill’s finger. Every time he bumped it it started to bleed again. Now he just has to be careful he doesn’t poke his eye out or anything with the guard.
This afternoon we went to the Blueberry Hill for dinner. They have a good deal for seniors at dinner. For about $10 each we get: beverage, soup or salad, entrĂ©e with bread roll and desert. Can’t beat that. I especially like the desert part. Today we got one piece of apple pie and one piece of carrot cake – to go. If you’ve been reading this blog you know that a couple of year’s ago we ate at the same place and took our deserts home. I put both of them in the refrigerator. Later that night I ate one of them. Had to look in both containers to see which one I wanted to eat. The next day when I went to eat the other one IT WAS GONE. Container and all. Never found it.
We told the waitress about it and had a good laugh. So this is the way she gave us our deserts today. Said if one disappears they both disappear.
 Going to have some carrot cake - oh yah!


  1. There's a blogger Thoughts from a Bag lady in Waiting who has finally bought into a trailer park in Tucson after renting for a few years.

  2. Love how your dessert was tied up - I'm sure she got a good tip!

  3. Sounds like you are having fun.

  4. It’s always good to have choices on where you’re going to live. It’s great to look around and find the perfect fit for you. I’d say choose what you are most comfortable with, and where you feel most secure and safe. Thank you for sharing your little adventure on your house-hunting, and I hope you find your new home soon. Have a good one!

    Veronica Perry @ FirstFairwayRealty

  5. A mobile home park is certainly a different concept, at least for me. With regards to your house-hunting, I sure hope you'll be able to find whatever captures your senses real soon. Thank you for sharing this, and may your future travels and pit stops be safe. Cheers!

    Halley Westbrook @ Ascent Condos