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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Drying up in Vegas

Today is my Mother’s birthday – she would have been 96. She passed away ten years ago – ten days after her 86th birthday. She was a real lady.
Not too much to write about the last couple of days. The weather continues to be great. The low humidity continues to shrink the wood on the cupboards doors of the Alfa. Maybe we should go out and by a humidifier for in here. It would probably make it easier on our skin and lips too. Everything is cracking.
Somewhere in our outings in the last few days Bill has managed to loose one of his brand new hats with one of the beautiful new beaded hat bands. Today we’ll go to a couple of restaurants we’ve eaten in to see if he left it. Tomorrow we’ll go to our son’s office to see if it is there – if not – maybe it just disappeared like my cake did. Ghosts…
We’ve been back to look at the mobile home again. Talked more about what needs to be done to it before making any final decisions. Also – we still need to sell the house in Indiana and that won’t be easy. And then what about all the stuff inside it? Sell everything? Truck everything to Vegas? Ugh. Don’t even want to think about that. Going to have to be some decisions made. Maybe when we get home this year the allergies won’t bother him then we won’t have to do anything. Wishful thinking.  
We are scheduled to leave this campground on Friday. But not sure what we’ll be doing now. Maybe pay to stay longer. The weather in the Midwest continues to be bad. Sure don’t want to be driving or even parking in that kind of mess.
Bill’s finger is improving some – still wants to bleed a little. He is keeping it bandaged and using the finger guard to keep from bumping it. Nasty nasty cut. The finger guard kind of keeps him from bending the finger, the middle finger, so he has a perpetual “California Wave” going on.

We got out of here for a while today. Went to The Strip to the Bellagio. Will post some pictures of it tomorrow. 


  1. I'm fascinated by the HI Roller. If i had nothing to do, I would be down there watching it, and maybe if riding it. I'm also curious by that nearby unfinished hotel MGM was building,where the steel was not adequate to support the finished structure.

    When I was home on spring break from college, I cut the middle finger of my left hand with an electric hedge trimmer. One with a high speed rotating blade, like a rotary lawnmower, requiring 35 stitches. I had to wear this huge bandage for several months. What a sight when I was trying to type a term paper, and this finger was sticking straight out. I got very good with the 4th finger working back and forth between the "s" and "d:" It took be 10 or more years before I regained full use of that finger.

  2. The Hi Roller - moves so slow you don't even realize it is moving. Most cars are empty. Guess the $25 per person ticket is a little steep. $35 at night. When we were here in November we could see a big crane doing something with that hotel. Haven't been down towards it yet this time.
    It is always surprising how much you use each individual finger until you hurt one of them and discover.