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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Have you been "food insecure"?

Another few days of not doing very much. So not much to write about.
We’re still here in Vegas. Today I went out to lunch and shopping with my girl friend. So much fun to have “girl time.”
Bill stayed home and watched Barcelona win another game and make it into the semi-finals of the Champions League.
I read something today that had me scratching my head. It was about children who don’t have enough to eat. What surprised me was the wording of the story. The children were called “food insecure.” Who the heck came up with that – food insecure! That’s a little too PC – no more comments on that.
Just read a good chick book by Wendy Wax “Ten Beach Road” Very good and I just got the sequel.
We were thinking of leaving here on Thursday now that we’re not looking for houses any more. No we didn’t buy anything. Just decided to wait until we really know if we’ll be moving here or not. Got to go home first. Anyway back to the leaving – checked the weather and it is going to be nasty across the I-40 through Arizona until Sunday so we might as well stay here till then.
Yesterday afternoon a lot of the RVs here left – we were almost by ourselves back here. But new ones poured in all day today. Only a couple of empty spaces now. Kept me amused watching some of them parking. Surprised there aren’t more divorces in the RV marriages. One couple was really funny. She would motion him to go one way and he’d go the other. Finally she threw her hands in the air and climbed back in their car while he finished backing into the narrow space.

And that’s about it for now.  

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