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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Neat outside TV for RV - not ours

Another day of just fooling around. Weather continues to be perfect - well except for the WIND. Still rocking the RV.
Speaking of the RV - we needed to pick up a few things for the Alfa - minor things that needed to be replaced or repaired. The parts place was part of a RV dealer - thought this outside TV idea was great. Doesn't take up much room. The flap comes down and covers it while traveling. 
 Just another look at it. 
 And how about this - an aquarium in the front window. With real fish swimming around in it. 
 While driving around town I noticed that most of the roadside utility boxes have been painted. There are some really neat ones. This is kind of blurry. 
 Liked this one in a sports park. 
We've been visiting with our youngest son and wife the last couple of days. And going to WalMart for a new printer and odds and ends. 
Even with the wind blowing Bill's allergies are not too bad. He isn't even taking any allergy meds. So maybe we would be able to live here again. In fact tomorrow we'll be going out to check out condos/townhouses/houses for sale. And/or for rent. Time will tell. 
Bill managed to cut the middle finger on his right hand. He sliced most of the end pad off of it. Of course won't go to a doctor...It will be a long time healing. Good thing neither of us pass out at the sight of blood. 


  1. Yikes Bill! Happy Easter....belatedly :)

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