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Monday, April 13, 2015

Bellagio Spring Atrium Display

Two items of interest today - well to us anyway. We FOUND Bill's hat - it was at Applebee's - left it there last time we ate there. So glad we've got it back. It was one of the brand new ones he just bought in Arizona and most important it had one of the beautiful new beaded hat bands Melissa made for him while we were in Aticama. 
Other item of interest - Willie turned 100,000 today. Wow! Told Bill we should polish his wheels or buy him a new fresh scent.
Yesterday we went to the Bellagio to see the decorations in the Conservatory. As we were driving on Las Vegas Blvd the fountains in front of the hotel were going off. So pretty. And a beautiful day for the tourists to stand and watch. Mid 80s, slight breeze. Perfect. 
And just who/what is this guy? Guess I'm not very Hip any more. No idea. I wonder how hot it gets in that get up?
So we valet parked and went to the Conservatory & Botanical Garden...This spring is a Japanese inspired display. "Paring the soothing aesthetics of Japan's traditional gardens with Bellagio's striking grandeur." I think they did a pretty spectacular job of it. Just entering the area. A big stone turtle with shell covered with blossoms.  He is over 7 feet long. 
The new display has a colorful collection of more than 82,000 flowers and larger-than-life floral creations. A 18-foot-tall cherry blossom tree, gracefully adorned with 300 acrylic blossoms and leaves. At the foot of the tree, 75 live Koi fish enjoy the refreshing waters of a tranquil pond. Some of the colorful 35 hand-painted parasols, each exquisitely decorated and suspended in midair.
cherry blossom tree - 18 feet tall
Some of the thousands of flowers, including fresh tulips, daffodils and snapdragons, 

Majestic crane standing six feet tall. Over two hundred feathers and many, many flowers.  
Another look at him. 
One of the colorful Koi under the cherry blossom tree. 
Just another look at the area.
A 26-foot-tall Japanese temple inspired by Kyoto's famous Golden Temple. Resting on the shore of peaceful waters, the regal temple is elaborately arrayed in gold veneer featuring wood frames with traditional rice paper Shoji screens.
A tea house - custom built using bamboo pieces, natural logs and mineral copper accents, the 12-foot-tall structure celebrates Japan's ancient tradition of drinking tea. 
One of my favorite parts of the hotel are the mosaic floors. Made of 1/2 square mosaic tiles. They are magnificent. They are so intricate. 

Some of the tiny bugs inset into the floor of the Conservatory. Each individual tile is only 1/2 inch square.

And I can never go there without taking a picture of the ceiling in the lobby. The colorful glass flowers of Chilhuly. 2,000 hand blown glass flowers.
We decided to go out front and look at the lake and fountains again. Even the portico is pretty.
And the valet stand. 
And the gardens out front.
Stopped to listen to and watch the fountains again. Nice backdrop - the Paris Hotel.
We walked across the street through the Paris and Ballys. More on that later. 


  1. I love that glass flower ceiling.

  2. Does the odometer advance when the vehicle is towed? When I saw the max speed was 70, I didn't realize I was looking at the tachometer. Interesting that the odometer is not with the speedometer. Reminded me of when I was a kid and a neighbor got a new car, we always wanted to check the speedometer to see how fast the car would go. If it said 110 or 120 we were really impressed.

  3. The odometer doesn't advance when towed - so the car has another 60000 miles on it. The only time the odometer advances when towed is when the car is set up wrong - then you buy a new transmission. Voice of experience.