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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Around Las Vegas

A "just an errand doing day." It got cool enough last night that Bill turned the furnace on when he got up this morning. And I think the high was only in the low 80s. I like that. We went out for breakfast this morning to an IHop and got a surprise at the raise in prices since we've been out of the country. $2.89 for coffee. Yes, they bring you a carafe but you can only refill 1/2 of your cup from it. Omelets started at $11. Oh well - better than cooking.
From there we went to Verizon. Final consensus - wait until we get home to get the problem with the tablet taken care of. BUT I got a new phone. Mine was old and had a bubble in the touch screen so sometimes it would work and other times it wouldn't. Now I just have to figure out how to answer this one. The clerk very sweetly asked me if I wanted it set up the "simple way" instead of the standard way. Guess she understood my blank look. 
From there we headed west towards the strip on Tropicana Ave. One thing I like about Vegas are the WIDE streets. One intersection is almost as big as our whole town. 
four lanes going each way
 Hum...a truck limo. Different - not glamours but different. 
 Not sure what I think about this sign. Other than "only in Vegas."
 Next stop car wash. We've been going here for years. Now they've added a little cafe - didn't take a picture of it. And here is an ATM and the slot machines. Something for everyone. 
 The weather here continues to be very dry. Humidity of 8 - 15%. Our poor cabinet doors are shrinking. This is the freezer door crack. Towards the bottom is a dime in the crack. 
 See the dime.
 And we went to Wal Mart before coming home and I got two ore pair of my favorite shoes. When we got home I even threw out my old white pair. These shoes are so comfortable. The insole is padded and they have a good arch. And best of all $20. 
 This is a picture that was taken of our five sons in the spring of 1971 in the poppy fields outside of Lancaster, CA 
Happy Easter to everyone. 

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  1. Love the picture of your sons in the poppy field. Never forget the first time we saw a "California Poppy" field!!
    So beautiful - almost as beautiful as our "Texas Bluebonnet" fields.