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Saturday, April 25, 2015

More rain in Vegas

Hum…maybe this idea of moving to Vegas isn’t so good after all.  We are up at six thirty so we can watch a Barcelona soccer game. At home it’s about nine thirty.  And here the NASCAR races are on in the morning instead of the afternoon. Will take some getting adjusted to.
This is Vegas? What’s with the weather? Another cloudy day. (By Wednesday it will be up in the 90s though.)
Today there is 50% chance of rain and it is really dark and gloomy out.  Bill just turned the furnace on! Tomorrow it is supposed to be sunny – hope so as we’ll finally be back on the road.
Was a kind of nice sunset last night though. 
Yesterday we visited one of the mobile home parks again. Looked at some of their new models – very nice. Leaning more and more in that direction. But of course all depends on what we can do in Indiana.
Then we went to visit our youngest son and his wife for a while. They are moving today – hope the rain goes away.
Not related to us or our travels but something we saw on TV. Did anyone know there is a campground in Colorado Springs that has one of the largest BUG – insect - museums in the world.  Here is the info about it.   Really interesting.
Today we need to run some last minute errands for groceries and I want to get a hair cut. Maybe have dinner in our favorite restaurant so we can get some deserts for the trip! Then get everything inside put back where it belongs for traveling.
Just read that the lady who designed the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign just passed away. She was in her 90s. Also the woman who posed for the “Rosie the Riveter” poster just passed, she too, was in her 90s.
Dumb things pass through my mind all the time. One was – if a Caucasian person born in South Africa becomes a U. S. citizen is he an African-American?
I’ve been dragging this post out all day – it is now 5:30 and it is raining here pretty good. And looking at the weather channels and the on line weather reports looks like we won’t be leaving tomorrow either as this storm will be going right along the I-40 most of tomorrow. But by Monday all looks good.
Glad we’re not home as the weather looks bad there – at least a little south of where we live. 

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  1. Hopefully you do not get ice cream on your dessert to go. Safe travels.