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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Lots of dust and wind here in Vegas.

The wind yesterday got REALLY bad during the late afternoon and early evening. The blowing sand swept through Vegas. Glad we weren’t outside or driving anywhere.
didn't take this picture - but shows dust and wind.
Today the wind has let up some but still blowing. Last night it was like being on a boat in a storm. And we are in the middle of lots of RVs where we shouldn’t have felt it that bad. For a while I was afraid we'd lose the awning over the slide it was jerking around so bad. 
Because of the wind we stayed in last night and I even cooked. Chicken breasts smothered in onions, green pepper, artichokes and fresh tomato in wine and butter sauce, asparagus and baked potato. Yum.
This morning we went to The Omelet House 50's Diner – where I ate with my friends yesterday – for breakfast. Very good. It is a small but cute place. Lots of 50's décor.

And the food is good and not too expensive. At least coffee is only 1.99. Bill had a western omelet which he said was very good. I had eggs – cooked perfectly- and corn beef hash. And their signature “spuds” – kind of a thick fried potato chip. Very good.
Right now we are watching a soccer game. A Champions League game – Barcelona vs Paris St Germain. Barcelona just got a goal. Yah!

I’m waiting to hear what Kyle Busch, NASCAR driver, is going to announce about his return to racing after breaking both legs in Daytona. But the only thing on the sports channels is the verdict on the murder case of the football player. Oh well. 
We are watching the weather for the next week or so closely - I'm about ready to head home. Think if it is going to be good we should make a run for it. Been away from home 192 days already. 

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