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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Lots of wind today.

More of our walk on The Strip. We left the Bellagio and walked across Las Vegas Blvd to the Paris.
Was Elvis ever THAT fat? He should be ashamed of himself to charge for pictures. And what is with the girls on the left in the skimpy black outfits? Another icon I don’t recognize?
I always like this inside the Paris casino. The painted shadows on the fake windows. Gotta love Vegas.
A chandelier in the casino of the Paris.
We continued through the Paris into Ballys then up the sidewalk and over the raised walkway back to the Bellagio. Looking down past Ballys.
Once back in the Bellagio we were in the shopping area. More of the hand painted parasols.
Yesterday, Monday, we went back to the mobile home park to see about new mobile homes. We especially liked this one.
Really nice inside too. And comes with a garage.
The kitchen with island, dining room, living room and a den behind the guy with the hat. Two bedrooms, two baths and laundry room. Can even get it fully furnished. That would solve shipping stuff.
But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. We still have our beautiful home in the woods.
After that we went to our last resort in the missing hat quest – Applebee’s and as I said – the hat was there! Had a great lunch then went to visit our youngest son for awhile. Then on to the grocery store where Bill found his favorite – egg bagels. They are really hard to find any more. Seems like no one makes them anymore. These were in the bakery of Smith’s. Good day for him.
Glad we’re not on the road today – winds of 25 to 35 with gusts to 50! We are rock and rollin. Looking out the front window we can’t even see the mountains in front of us for all the dust in the air.
Went out to lunch today with a couple of friends I worked with in LA. They live here now. Fun to “girl talk” for a couple of hours. And another reason to move back here to Vegas.

Tomorrow we’ll watch Barcelona vs PSG for the Champions League. Then I want to hear what Kyle Busch has to say about when he’s going to return. First time he’s made a statement since breaking his legs. 


  1. Enjoyed the visit through the Bellagio & Paris with you, two of our favorites.


  2. We always try to go to the Bellagio - it is so pretty!