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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Another change in plans for us.

Well more news! We’ve had another change in plans. We will be staying here in Las Vegas another week. Bill says we are staying because he can get egg bagels here. Good a reason as any I guess. Maybe we should get a new food saver so we can preserve bagels to take home with us. Many years ago when we were young and innocent and had a brand new food saver we found egg bagels somewhere in the northwest and tried to vacuum pack one. At least it was just one. The food saver worked fine – it sucked all the air out of the bag AND the bagel. Ended up with a misshapen hock puck. So funny.
The wind has finally quit blowing, just a slight breeze today. Hope the dust settles down too. It is making us both sneeze.
I was walking around the RV park and took some pictures of the cactus flowers. It is amazing such ugly plants can have such pretty flowers.

I don’t know what we are going to do about Bill and my internal temperature differences. Last night I was very comfortable sitting and reading in shorts, barefoot and a t-shirt. He was freezing – even put his gloves on and wrapped up in a fleece blanket. He finally went to bed under the electric blanket. I will concede that by the time I went to bed I had wrapped a throw around my bare feet. But… I slept in late this morning and when I came out here it was very toasty in the living room. Phew! I can’t take enough clothes off – so I guess he’ll just have to start putting more on. Funny how your body thermometer changes over the years.
Watched Kyle Busch's – NASCAR driver – media conference yesterday. Interesting how he broke his accident down into sections. And what he was thinking during each section. Just before impact it was mostly “OH SH!T”
No date for returning to racing yet.
And Barcelona ended up winning its game.
No plans for today. I kind of want to go to a real mall. Not to buy just to look. 


  1. We seem to have the same problem concerning temperature at our house. Often when my honey gets back from getting his Sunday papers at a very early hour he will read them with his hat, jacket and gloves on for a time - what a picture that would make.

    Really like the photos of the cactus.

  2. I almost took a pic of him last night - in sweat shirt, flannal pj bottoms and gloves with a throw over his legs! egad!

  3. The Mall, know how you feel. In Mazatlan, language not the same, but... The Mall never changes, sigh shoes and clothes. Men, will never understand!

    1. And I even found some shorts that work for me. I was like a real country kid let loose. Gawking at everything.