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Monday, November 7, 2011

Cold in Vegas too

As I mentioned we are in Las Vegas at the 1000Trails there. They have WiFi but it doesn’t work – goes on line for less then a minute and then disappears. The technician is supposed to come see our system this afternoon. But maybe won’t be able to fix it until next week!!!!! That’s if it needs a software update. Says they are having lots of problems with Hughes.Net – no kidding.  At least the TV part of it is working.
We got out of AZ because of the big snow storm heading that way. A picture of Willies covering of ice in AZ. And sure enough it is snowing there today.
And because of the weather yesterday we went south first to go north.

We took the I-17 south to highway 74 across to the 93 north to Kingman. Lots of pretty scenery and great views.
Just outside of Kingman on the last stretch towards Nevada we ran into some light rain. The worst of it was already east of us. Across the new bridge and over the Dam
Sun was shinning over the city as the storm was just moving out.  But colder than heck.  
We’re staying at another 1000 Trails park but this one doesn’t have 50 amps – so hoping their 30 amps is good enough to run Alfie. So far so good – can even run the microwave while the heater is going.  And the spaces here are very small! Interesting few moments backing Alfie in to it. Cars on both sides of us had to move to give Bill room.
Went out to breakfast and to the market to get a few things that we can't get in the midwest or east - for one thing EGG bagels and my favorite Bernsteins House Italian Dressing. Yum.
Now we're waiting for the satellite guy and I'm doing house work and laundry.
It is warming up a little out but not much. Well I'm going to publish this quickly while the parks internet is being friendly.

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