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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Day of Errands


This has been a really crappy year. The day after we got here – Monday – we got a call from our youngest son who lives here in Vegas telling us that our oldest grandson (in his mid 20s) had been hit by a car while walking across a street where he lives in Havasu City, AZ and was, as we spoke, being transported by helicopter to a hospital here in Vegas. Didn’t sound good at all. Things are much better then first thought. We went to see him yesterday at the hospital. He is really banged up but with time should be fine. He’ll be out of the hospital in less than a week. His Mom just texted me that he is sitting up and walking already and they are bringing him a pizza for dinner.
We were out and about running errands today. To Camping World – got a steering wheel table so we’ll have some place to sit our tiny fake Christmas tree also got a new Woodall’s Campground book. Ours was so old half the campgrounds were closed. Also went to Fry’s Electronics to get a DVD as the one we got at WalMart last week wouldn’t work in Alfie. And this one also has a VHS slot. Then to WalMart to return the other one and get some groceries.
It warms up during the middle of the day but really cools down at night. Bill is getting antsy about going further south – soon. Well tomorrow is another day.

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