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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sound of Waves and Beautiful Sunset

Wednesday p.m.
Just wanted to post a picture of the border fence right in downtown Nogales. Can you imagine living with this? And having to look at it everyday. It is made of steel slats.
And here is Willie hooked up and ready to leave Km 21 yesterday.
We left the RV park in Hermosillo at 8:00 a.m. I had programmed the GPS (now called Gertrude) for the periferico route –ring road – around the city. Knew where we were supposed to turn – Ooops the best laid plans. There was a detour and our turnoff was shut down. Yes there were detour signs – in Spanish of course – but I could kind of figure them out. The problem was the signs were orange with WHITE lettering. Do you know how hard it is to read white writing on orange signs with the sun shining on them? Almost impossible. Luckily Bill could make them out – we were going the right way. At first I was kind of upset about the detour but when we finally got back on the main highway I realized it was actually a better route cause it missed a very busy section of town. Except for when pedestrians just walk out right in front of you.
Oh Were you coming this way?
Most of the toll road was pretty good – but a lot of construction where they are building whole new sections of 4-lane divided road – in a year it will be fantastic.
Still lots of topes in some sections. With somebody selling something at each one. Everything from birds in cages to oranges. One type of tope (speed bump) this kind is about six feet in width and about six to eight inches high.
Another kind of tope – looks like half cannon balls. No matter which type you better slow down.
And then there are also a bunch of little ridges in a row – they really set your teeth to rattling. Even the busses slow to a crawl.
These are called vibradores – for good reason !vibrators!
Some good news. We filled the Alfa up today diesel is $2.89 a gallon. Beats almost $4. Also the exchange on the Peso is better now – over 14 pesos to a dollar. Makes everything cheaper for us. Also filled the propane tank at US $1.30 a gallon. Big difference from the states prices.
We got to Huatabampito a little after 1:00 p.m. 240 miles. Not bad. We are parked looking out at the water and with no one on the side where the sun sets. Had dinner in the restaurant here sitting outside. Watched the sunset and believe it or not we all saw the famous Green Flash
And to end todays update here is a picture of the sunset. Until tomorrow…….

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