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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Just spending time in Vegas


The sun is trying to poke its head out of the clouds again.

Went to visit a couple of our friends who are responsible for us getting into the stained glass. Always good to see them. Their shop is Glass Art Studio at http://www.glassartinc.com
Then made it to the Bellagio just to see the Atrium with its autumn theme. Always so pretty. Some pictures of it.
Corn made out of corn!

The plants that make the horses are alive

This picture is made of plants

Then on to a market that caters to the Mexican population. They have a great bakery and we got some of my favorite pastries. Used to call them cow flops – in Spanish they are called Orejas. Love em.
This morning we went to WalMart to stock up on stuff we can’t find in Mexico – some things being paper plates, sandwich spread, strawberry jelly and Bushes Beans.
This year we aren’t doing much in the way of sight seeing – did just about everything last year.

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