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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Internet Fixed - 2nd day in Vegas

It is finally warming up some outside – every day is supposed to be a little warmer – Was warmer in Indiana then here yesterday. For this we left home?
Goody – the Satellite guy came and I’m so embarrassed – instead of calling him I should just have called Hughes.Net tech support and they could have reset the modem – that’s what he ended up telling me to do and it worked. So we are now back on-line. Yippee….
We have been going crazy with little bitty moths flying around in here. Finally found out where they were coming from. Had an open package of cookies we brought from home. It was infested. I just hope we can get what ever ones weren’t in the box before they breed. Last year we brought little lady bugs with us. So Vegas should start hating us for bringing strange bugs to them. We should make a video for YouTube of both of us walking around in here flapping our arms trying to swat the darn things. We look like we are possessed.
This morning we are waiting for a mobile repair guy. Our air bags are losing air when we park. Need to get that fixed before heading south. Seems like it is always something. Doesn’t do an RV any good to let it set without use for a long time.  

Tuesday p.m.

Thank goodness the problem with the air bags wasn’t big. It was a leak a valve that was easy to find and fix. Took about 20 minutes.
It is only 5:00 and it is already dark out! Went out after the repair man was here and ran a few errands, visited with our youngest son for a while then stopped at a restaurant for dinner. 

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