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Monday, November 28, 2011

Walking around the Pueblo Magico of Alamos

Monday a.m.
Got a wonderful nights sleep last night – no rain, no wind and lots of fresh air during the day. The seagulls are outside waiting for Bill – did you ever notice you never see baby seagulls or baby pigeons. Just random weird thoughts. No plans for today yet. Just get this post done and watching to see if I can see the dolphins go by.
As I mentioned we drove the 60 some miles inland to go to Alamos yesterday. I’ll have to say we both did pretty good walking around the town. But didn’t climb the hill to the old jail. Another couple camped here at El Mirador RV went with us. It’s their first time driving an RV in Mexico and they don’t have a toad with them.
As always the entrance arch into Alamos. This was built – rebuilt – just a few years ago when the road was improved after being washed out. By clicking on a picture you can see a larger version of it.
Alamos Arch
Managed to get right to the Plaza de Las Armas in front of the church on the first try this year and found a parking place. The Gazebo with the beautiful gardens all around it.
Gazebo in Plaza de Las Armas Alamos
The ceiling of the gazebo – there are all different kinds of musical instruments painted on it and in the iron work.
Around the plaza are vendors selling: hot sauce, honey, some kind of chocolate and Bill’s favorite Membrillo. (Membrillo is a dessert eaten in Latin countries, although it is also served with toast at the breakfast table. Membrillo or Dulce de Membrillo is a sweet, very dense jelly made from the fruit of the quince tree. Unlike the jellies we are used to eating in the USA, membrillo is dense enough to hold its shape. So, it is normally sold in squares or “bricks,” then cut into thin slices and spread over plain toast or toast with soft or cream cheese. Some people prefer to serve it with cheese to have a salty contrast to the sweetness of the membrillo.) He didn’t buy any this time but our friends did. Hope they like it.
Membrillo in Alamos
Other vendors were selling trinkets, toys, clothes and carvings.
Looking up at the church tower. There was a mass going on so we didn’t go inside this time.
One of the side walls of the church where an old window has been covered up.
As we walked down the street we passed this one house with the door open – allowing us a glimpse into the interior patio.
Saw this tile story embedded in the stucco wall of another home. It tells the story of making a wool garment. From the raising of the sheep, the spinning of the wool up to the wearing of the clothes.
Some of the doors to the homes are beautiful.
Alamos carved door
Found this tiny footprint in the tiles of the sidewalk. That is a peanut shell in the big toe. Should have taken it out – but oh well.
Another house with flowers painted around the door. This town is so pretty – so much to see if you’re looking.
A completely restored home. The roof over the pillars is original. The house to the right of it has luminaries on the roof for the holiday season
Just a look at one of the many white walls with colorful bougainvillea growing against them. Every color imaginable.
Looking down a quiet side street. Most of the homes that have been restored are owned by North Americans.
Alamos street view
A street of businesses. Not too busy on a Sunday.
Notice how high the sidewalks are above the road. A lot of flooding goes on around here in the rainy season. Wonder who the dog is waiting for.
A ride around town for the locals and the tourists.
Heading out of town on the busy main shopping street. Again the high sidewalks. Lots of small stores selling anything you could want. From lingerie to shovels. Vending machine has ice in bags.
More shoping. A big bag of something (maybe potatoes) in the pickup and shrimp in the coolers.
Passed him on the way back. He sells dusters, brooms and mops and cleaning supplies. First saw him on a street in town surrounded by women buying things.
While in Alamos we took another tour of the Hacienda de los Santos. Will post some pictures of it in next blog. As always it was beautiful –
Back to Huatabampito to rest up for our next adventure….what ever it will be.

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