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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lazy Friday in Huatabampito

Saturday a.m.
The sun is up and it looks like it will be a beautiful day again. Last evening and night we had pretty strong winds, sand blowing everywhere – covered all the foot prints on the beach. Maybe I’ll have to dust today – will think about it.
Another rig pulled in yesterday so now there are four of us here. One couple from Canada is making
their first trip to Mexico. So far they are enjoying it. We had “take out” from the restaurant last night for dinner. Didn’t decide I didn’t want to cook until almost too late. They were getting ready to close but fixed us something. Bill had Chili Rellenos I had quesadillas.
Yesterday we relaxed most of the day. Took a walk up the beach a ways.
Bill and his shadow
Found lots of sponge type things little ones and pretty big ones. Of course I had to pick one up and bring it back.
Going to see if I can clean some of the sand out of it. Then watched Bill feed the seagulls and the pelicans fish. They are amazing the way they dive into the water. Also managed to sunburn my face. All my sun lotion was in the Jeep and of course is no longer there. Need to replace it soon.
Went into Huatabampo, the little town near here, to the Leys market to get some more tortillas for the birds! some bug spray (gone from car), eggs and some icky looking sausage stuff that Bill likes scrambled in his eggs. Noticed this year they have rib eye and New York cut steaks in the meat market. This is new.
And last night I borrowed a book from our home town library to read. Isn’t technology wonderful! The only problem is it’s not a very good book. But will read it anyway.
Maybe today we’ll take a ride up to Alamos.
Whoops Just realized I'd screwed up the settings on my camera. Glad I noticed - all fixed now.

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