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Friday, November 25, 2011

Locking the Barn Door after the Horse is Gone

Friday a.m.
Had a big rain storm with thunder and wind last night. Kind of a surprise. This morning the electric was off but just needed an adjustment at the outside plug. Everything fine now.
Yesterday during our drive in Navajoa – more about that later – we were talking about the Nogales city police, the people that helped us so much. They told Bill that they make 120 Pesos a day for an eight hour day. That amounts to about US dollars $9.50 a day – that’s not a mistake they make nine dollars and 50 cents a day. But they do get extra, not overtime, pay if they work more than eight hours. They are provided two uniforms and their guns. If they want more uniforms or a better quality they have to buy them their selves. If they want to practice with their guns they have to buy the extra ammo to use. Would you risk your life for US$9.50 a day? However they do get medical for their families and the government pays for college if they want to go. The police man who was driving us around is going to college studying law. He said the state police make more money and the Federales make good money. They are a very close knit community and more and more the corruption is stopping.
He also told us that a construction worker and factory workers in and around Nogales make about 8 to 10 pesos A DAY. That’s less than a dollar a day for 12 hour days. Last night while eating dinner Bill was talking to the manager of this campground – he does everything around here and also works in the restaurant. He makes 600 pesos a week – about US$45.00 – but he and his family live fine.
As I said we drove into Navajoa, city about 30 miles from here, yesterday to try to buy some of the things taken out of Willie. Found a big Auto Zone there and lucked out. We got locking hitch pins, exterior signal/stop lights for towing, a new mallet for thumping the tires, fuel additives and a bunch more little stuff.
So feeling better about that. Especially the hitch pin and lights. When we get to Mazatlan and can go to Home Depot, Sam’s Club and WalMart we’ll get the rest of the stuff. It’s funny but every time we get in the car we think of something else that is gone – like a box of Kleenex, a bag of hard candy, change for tips. Replaced all of that yesterday.
Just took a few pictures of the ride into town. Almost had chicken dinner here.
Sharing the road with the cows and cowboy. They'd been grazzing along side the road.
And the horses. Just a reminder to drive slow, careful and ever vigilant.
On the way home we took the dirt levee road that runs along side the irrigation ditch. Saw this spoonbill.
By the time we were back on the beach it was shorts and t-shirt weather. Ate dinner in the restaurant again – I can get used to this! Bill had pescado ajo – garlic fish. He got lots and lots of garlic. Think he’ll sleep outside for a while. Sunset was nice but not great like some of them here are.
Once the sun goes down it gets more than cool fast. One more rig came into the campground yesterday afternoon. So now there are three of us.

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