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Sunday, November 6, 2011

In Las Vegas Now

It's Sunday evening and we are in Las Vegas. Big storm supposed to hit Arizona tomorrow so we left while the getting was good.
We don't have Internet - satellite quit working - Worked one minute and it was gone the next. Already have called satellite repair person - he'll be here tomorrow afternoon. Mean while trying to use campgrounds WiFi - which comes and goes as it pleases.
Had frost all over the car this morning and when we pulled the big slide in big chunks of ice came flying off it. Good thing Bill was not standing close to it.
Well got that first part of this published so no one thinks we have disappeared into the wilds.
Friday night we had quite a storm – even thunder. Saturday we didn’t do much – went out to eat Italian – pretty good and went to the store –
Downloaded a couple of books on to my Nook. Just easy and fun reading.

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