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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Probably last day in US until Spring

Sunday p.m.

Just got back from a delicious steak dinner at the Cow Palace. Probably last good steak until we get back in the US next spring. Just can’t get a good steak in Mexico.
Went to WalMart this a.m. and got a few more things we needed that we remembered we couldn’t find in Mexico.
Another windy day but sky was blue with puffy white clouds. There is a chance of rain for tomorrow – hope not as we plan on leaving here right after first light to cross the border. If it is raining we will wait another day. Bill has a cold so it also depends on how he is feeling too.
Our little moths are still with us. We dispose of one and five minutes later there is another one flying around. I think they are hiding somewhere are only come out one at a time. Nothing except a squish seems to kill them. Have to have done away with hundreds of them.
Watched the last NASCAR race today. Tony Stewart sure earned that Championship. Five wins in the last ten races. Felt bad for Carl Edwards though.

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