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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Drive up Schnebly Hill Rd

Tuesday – first day of November already.
Well Direct TV settled its dispute with Fox so all my gnashing of teeth was for naught. I’ll still be able to watch my Speed channel – at least until we get to Mexico – I know we can pick up Direct as far as Hermosillo – after that not sure as we have a newer receiver now – maybe it will work further south.
A little wind here today feels good – After spending the last two days kind of quiet we decided to get out this morning. Driving to Sedona we again passed this huge Catholic Church – Immaculate Conception – it wasn’t here last time we were here. Dedicated in 2009. Certainly is impressive sitting there all by itself.
Went into Sedona and had breakfast at the Coffee Pot. A very good restaurant that has 101 different omelets that you order by number. Very, very good food and nice atmosphere.  
It’s named for the rock formation behind it.
See the coffee pot shape
After filling our tummies we headed for Schnebly Hill Road. It’s a rough dirt and rock road that climbs the hills for a stupendous view of Sedona.
Rough Road - no kidding!
The first little bit of it is paved then it turns to dirt.
It isn’t really bad – especially for Willie – he is 4 x 4 and has skid plates underneath and is lifted quite a bit.
Lots of beautiful scenery. The whole road is only 13 miles long. From Sedona northeast to I-70
Looking down at Sedona
In the late 1870s early settlers using picks, shovels and blasts of black powder created a rugged wagon road out of a steep canyon to join a dirt road going from Phoenix to flagstaff. The road doesn’t seem much better now. Still very slow drive.
Labors worked 12 hours a day to carve this passage through the mountains. It took six months.
The new route reduced the time required to make the trip from Sedona to Flagstaff from four days to t
Carl Schnebly used the road to transport lumber and wagonloads of produce to Flagstaff. He then petitioned for a post office, the first names he picked were to long to fit on a cancellation stamp so he settled on naming the site Sedona – after his wife.
Another view  Kind of panoramic at one of the pull offs.
More view – love the colors
The road goes up and around lots of rocks.
Looking up at some of the rocks.
Another view from the car as we drove along.
Way up the hill. Notice the pointy rock on the left – this is a zoom view
Same area long shot – see pointy rock. And the city way way down there
Look at these guys! Are they crazy? Over 5000 feet high and rough rocky road.
More of the road.
Vista Point Schnebly Hill
Zoom view
The road we came up down the hill
Continuing on the road towards Interstate 70 – high mesa – road was better here.
It was a wonderful drive - well I should say ride - as I didn't do the driving.
Hopefully this is a video of a small portion of the ride.
We have extended our stay here until the 7th.

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  1. Very impressive photos. Looks like the trip on the ripple road was well worth it.