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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Conclusion to Willies Adventure

Tuesday morning –
Very early morning 6:30 now and just starting to get light out. Today is supposed to be a sunny and warmer day.
Been up since 3 a.m. – it got cold in here so Bill got up to turn on the generator and the furnace. I got up to see what was going on. Now he is back asleep and I’m wide awake. There was a patrol car in the lot next to us all night. And there are cameras on all the light posts that connect directly to the Federales just next door. The immigration office opened for business a little while ago so the patrol is gone. The Policia won’t come to get us until around 9 so we have more time to waste. Will be glad when we’re on the road again.
Hum now a different Policia truck is driving through the parking lot – slowing checking us out.
Now we have to start making a list of everything missing from Willie so we can start replacing it bit by bit. Fire extinguishers, jumper cables, compressor, gloves, and fuel additives – hopefully we can find them all at a big Soriana, WalMart or Auto Zone. They left the maps that were in the door and Bill’s CD of Paint Your Wagon – guess they just forgot to take them.
All our paper work is done already so before we leave to pick up Willie we’ll get the Alfa ready to roll. As soon as we get back and hitched up we’ll be on the road. Only about a four hour drive to Hermosillo.
Tuesday p.m.
Writing from Hermosillo, we got here around 5:30 after a VERY LONG day.
The Policia picked us up at 9:20 this a.m. and took us into the police station. Silly us we thought we just had to pick up Willie – as I said Silly Us. Sitting in the office with the detective and he is going through our whole file – the file he made yesterday. We looked up and the agent from Sanborn’s was coming in the door. We wondered why he was there. Turns out it was a good thing he was. After much consulting with other people behind other desks it was decreed that we need notarized copies of Willies registration and of the decoration page of the insurance – AND they had to be translated in Spanish. WHAT? Without them we couldn’t pick up the car. So Luis, the agent, said he would take us to a notary. 
Let me tell you Sanborn’s Insurance and their agents are great. He went above and beyond for us today. The first notary we went to said the guy that did the translations had quit and so they couldn’t do it any more. Okay – Luis took us into old downtown Nogales – my impression of the town will always be the fence – wall along the border – kind of troubling to look at.
2nd notary – oh yes they did translating but their translator was occupied and if we wanted to leave it they would call us when it was done. When will it be done. Oh a day or two…..AGHHHH….also they wanted US$100 to do it. Don’t think so. Down the street to notary #3 – Nope they didn’t provide a translation service but there is another notary about four blocks away. So off we went found the notary – oh no problem they could notarize it BUT they didn’t translate – but – Sanford just a couple of doors away would translate and print them. Down to Sr. Sanford. Yes he could do it – well he could imput it into the computer and print it but someone else had to translate the documents into Spanish. But he knew what the Policia wanted and the form it had to be in. Thank God. So Bill translated and Sr. Sanford typed. Got kind of dicey when doing the registration cause the state of Indiana uses a lot of strange words on their form. Never did figure out what DAV was – And just as Sr. Sanford finished the insurance page he managed to unplug his computer. OH NO – but luckily most of the document had automatically saved. By 1:00 both forms were printed. Back to the Notary to get that done. Then back to Sr. Sanford’s to get copies of everything. Then back to police station. Luis was driving us around all this time. His reply when we thanked him for his patience. “No problem this is what I do.”
Got back to police station and sat down with the same detective. Everything had to be put into his computer and three copies of everything – including the car’s keys – had to be made and signed.
Finally we got another notarized form back and the keys. Picked up Willie and hightailed it back to Km 21. As we got out of the car and Bill was hitching up a man who sells snacks in the parking lot came running over to give us handshakes and thank God that we got the car back. We didn’t even know how he found out about it. Also a couple of police trucks came by and waved and thumbs uped us.
The theft of the car was a nightmare but the help of the Policia and the Sanborn's agent and everyone we came into contact with helped to easy that feeling. I cannot say enough about their help, caring and professionalism. That part of it was great. Met some really nice people.
We left Km 21 at 2:30 and arrived here in Sonora RV park at 5:30 just before dark.
Got parked, set up and went out to dinner. As I type this Bill is in bed and I’m soon to follow him. Tomorrow we drive to Huatabampito where we’ll stay on the beach and just relax for a while.
So far we’ve driven 2760 miles and been on the road for 41 days.

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