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Friday, November 18, 2011

Staying in Amado, AZ for a few days

Friday afternoon

We are now in Amado, AZ about 30 miles north of the Mexican border. We’re staying at Mountain View RV Park as we always do.  The drive from Wickenburg to here was uneventful. Weather was nice and roads were good. We’ll stay here until Monday morning – then off we go. Oops weather report says rain for Monday – hope not.
Today we ran errands – went into Nogales and got our Mexican insurance. We’ve been using Sanborns for years. The insurance office is right in front of the old Mi Casa RV Park – the park we stayed in 33 years ago when we left for our drive to Argentina in the old Pace Arrow motorhome. To read about that trip check out Driving to South America. The park is really starting to show its age.
Also exchanged money – you always get so much more back. Exchange rate today was 12.75P for one dollar. That will be plenty for the first toll booths and diesel and campgrounds.
Dug out the Mexican maps and books and copies of paper work today. Will put away all the USA stuff till sometime next March or April.
When we went to Mexico in Alfie in spring of 2007 we got a permit good for 10 years. We got a holographic sticker and a paper receipt. We’ve had them for years but can’t find them this year. So…….Either we’ll have to get a new permit or maybe they have the info in a computer. Will find out when we get to the border. Never once have we been asked for the paper work while traveling. Also have read that now the government is charging deposits on cars less than ten years old. When you leave the country and turn in the paper work you get your deposit back. They say. We hope.
Going to do big laundry items – sheets, towels, etc. and exchange some books here before we leave. Other than that we’re pretty much good to go.

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