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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Yavaros Salvage Operation Day 2

Wednesday a.m.
Just finished posting what was supposed to be yesterdays post – so it is a day late – we’re on vacation. Now if the fog doesn’t lift I’ll try to get more about the salvage operation posted – what we watched yesterday.
First I want to include a picture of one of the many tortilla deliverers – they are scooting all over towns. They have coolers strapped on the back of their scooters that are filled with freshly made tortillas. And they have whistles and or horns to let the housewives know they are coming. Their horns sound like the sirens of emergency vehicles – so we are forever trying to figure out where the firetruck or ambulance is coming from. And zipping by us goes a tortilla salesman.

We went back over to the harbor around 11 a.m. yesterday. The same machinery was there but there was the addition of an underwater diver.
Full wet suit and machine of some sort that supplied him with air.
He was trying to figure out a place on the wreck to attach the cables so they could get the most leverage and the metal wouldn’t rip apart.
Everyone in crew watching and thinking.
The diver in the water and everyday fishing activity going on behind him.
Bill walking out to check on what was going on and the driver of the crane getting into it. Something was going to happen soon. The crane pulling on the hook attached by cables to the wreck. Wreck didn’t even move.
One last try using both bulldozer and crane.
Bill discussing the situation with The Boss – in maroon shirt today and still on dry land. Pretty much decided the wreck couldn’t be pulled out with the equipment they had. Needed maquinas mas grande(bigger machines.)
Unhooking the cables.
I’m going to take my crane and go home. Well actually he just moved to a different place to try to raise a different wreck. What I've been calling the back wheels actually turned out to be the front wheels.
The new wreck they would try to get out.
Another wreck in Yavaros Harbor
Back in the water bringing out the cables to hook on.
Notice the pelicans don’t seem impressed at all.
The bigger chain is attached to the bulldozer again.
Time to get out of the way. Notice the one pair of gloves on the guy in the red shirt.
Well they couldn’t move that wreck either. The pelicans didn’t even flap their wings. This is when we finally left. But I have a feeling when we come back next year the boats will still be in the water.
While all this was going on with the salvage crew everyday life was going on all around us. Guess what the subject of the next blog will be….Lots of fishing.

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