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Saturday, November 26, 2011

How we spent Saturday .

Saturday p.m.
Well afternoon anyway. Didn’t go to Alamos today – we’ll go tomorrow. Instead just hanging around beach. It would be absolutely perfect here if it weren’t for all the flies.
Did go into town to market again. Saw a couple of interesting things on the way in. First this crop duster – a bi-plane no less. Couldn’t pay me enough to do this job.
And then we passed these guys playing basketball.
All in wheelchairs - a fast paced game
Further into town they were erecting a bunch of pavilions right in the center of town. In fact right in the street. Don’t know what will be going on.
Then to the Leys Supermercado. They have pretty much everything in one of them. From Christmas trees outside to octopus inside. Here is a short clip of some of it. Turn your sound on to get the full effect.
Bill buying tortillas to feed the seagulls. About 50 cents for one kilo of corn tortillas and a little over a dollar for one kilo of flour tortillas – don’t know why the difference in price.

And on the way home we ended up in a funeral procession. They walk all the way to the cemetery clear across town.
Right now the beach is filling up with families out to enjoy the sun and sand. And cars driving up and down and ATVs buzzing around. Lots of music and laughter.
Bill just dug one of his kites out. There is plenty of wind to get it flying.
Alfie watching the kite fly

Getting another one out and ready to go up
Pretty when it is flying
The sun has set for the day - no pretty sunset. Time to cook dinner and then read my library book. Tomorrow a trip to Alamos and I found something new to do on the way there.....

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