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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Walk on beach, trip to store and visit to fishing village of Yavaros

Tuesday a.m
You wouldn’t know it was morning by looking outside. It is very, very foggy this a.m. Can barely see the sun. It just came up for a few seconds before it was swallowed by the fog.
6:45 a.m.
Cold out too – had to turn the heat on for a bit. (since I've been writing this the fog burned off and the sun is hot coming in through the window. And Bill is out feeding the birds.)
Actually was domestic yesterday – well kind of. I did cook dinner Italian sausage and parsleyed potatoes. Tasted good and we now have some left over sausage to nibble on. Bill thinks I’m nuts but I like them cold. Also had the laundry done – notice I said had – water pressure here is so bad it would have taken forever to do it myself.
In the morning we took a walk down the beach by the homes there. About seven years ago a big hurricane came through and destroyed a lot of them. Each year that we are here more and more of them are fixed. Some are quite large and pretty.
It shares a common wall with a duplex that hasn’t been repaired.
Some homes are kind of intact but need a lot of repairs.
This person built his home back away from the shore.
I like this gate, different and interesting
There was this nice brick and tile wall still standing
But this is all that remains of the home behind it.
This one has just been rebuilt – I like the façade.
After our walk we had to go into town to go to the market for honey, chips and salsa and tortillas for the birds. Also a breakfast sausage Bill likes. Buying the sausage – notice the face masks on two of the clerks. One sign is for ham at 4.77 US$ per pound - not sure what kind of ham. But know they sell whole hams wrapped in plastic just like in US.
Didn’t know they still made Tang and in this many flavors.

I think I've mentioned it before. Here your groceries are bagged either by very old people or young students - middle school aged. They all wear aprons and hats provided by the store. They do not get paid - the only money they make is the tips they are given. The more bags the bigger the tip. And the jobs are highly desired. Three to five pesos is the average - remember there are 14 pesos to a dollas.
Another very common thing here is - if you have a house you usually sell something out of it. Bread, gasoline, meals, snacks or a video machine on the porch. And if you have a pick up you sell something out of the back of it. Produce, seafood, cleaning supplies, water - use your imagination.
After shopping we went to the fishing village of Yavaros to see if anything was different there. Lots going on there - see the next blog.

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