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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stopped in Wickenburg, AZ for night

Wednesday p.m

Now in Wickenburg, AZ at Horspitality (it’s not spelled wrong) RV Resort and Boarding Stable.
We got up early and got Alfie almost ready to leave then went out for breakfast – wanted to wait until all the “I need to get to work on time” traffic was gone. So ended up leaving Vegas around 9:30. Looking at Lake Mead – nice pretty day.
Crossing bridge back into Arizona and another change of time zone.
Uneventful drive to Kingman then across the I-40 to the 93 south. This is the same drive we did going to Vegas. Some of the scenery is magnificent and I never tire looking at it. How do those cactus manage to grow out of the rocks?
Pulled over for a bit of a break. What a view on an absolutely crystal clear day.
A little further down the road – a balancing rock.
We passed through the town of Nothing again. Always makes me laugh – talk about truth in advertising.
About seven miles of construction on the highway – we went north on a Sunday so no one was working. Every couple of miles the speed limit would drop from 55 to 25 and there’d be a flagger. It will be a divided highway when they finish.
Got into Wickenburg around 2:30 AZ time. Stopped for diesel $3.779 a gallon – cheaper than in Vegas or northern Arizona. And the RV park was right across the street. Luckily I’d called them yesterday and made reservations as they only have a couple of pull-through spots and they saved the last one for us. Good 50amp service. Nice level site. The campground caters to horse owners. Lots of trails around here.
Satellite is up and working with no problems. I always wonder when we push the button….
Next time we come through here I want to spend a few days. Lots of 4 x 4 trails here going to old mines and ghost towns.

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