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Monday, November 28, 2011

Tour of Hacienda de los Santos in Alamos

While in Alamos we also took another tour of the magnificent Hacienda de los Santos – this is their web page. It’s in English and worth the time to check it out.
http://haciendadelossantos.com/site/  Over the years six different properties have been combined to develop the hotel. One property was an old sugar mill.
The room rates for a double start at 155.00 – 255.00 US dollars a night and go up from there to the Mansion Villa suite at US$950.00 a night. Nice to see how the other half can live. They also have an airplane club where you can fly your own plane into the airport and they will pick you up. Coming in the front door to the lobby. Pools, fountains, flowers – beautiful.
One of the outdoor seating and relaxing areas.
An old banyan tree in a courtyard. There are several of them on the grounds.
Just looking up at one of the higher end suites. This one has a roof garden.
One more of the fountains
An old door – most of the building has been restored from ruins.
Love these rounded brick ceilings. This one has a copula for light.
Another pool area with lush plants around it. One other tidbit – no children under 12 allowed. My kind of hotel.
This banyan tree has a palm tree growing up right out of the middle of it. The palm tree is alive and thriving.
A private dining room. Wouldn’t that be romantic.

There is also the required spa and gym, a movie theater, private dining rooms, a restaurant and a bar that was from revolutionary times. It was dismantled in Cuernavaca brought here and rebuilt.
This year we didn’t get to go into any of the bedrooms but a couple of years ago we did. Some pictures of them can be found here http://mexicobymotorhome.blogspot.com/2009/12/alamos-hotel-wow.html
After writing this we took a walk down the beach aways. Pictures later.

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