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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Yum Yum Good - Croissants from Malpica

I’m trying to get a good picture of Alfie for the heading of the blog but so far haven’t got one I think will work. Any way here we are in the back part of Las Jaibas RV Park. There are five other rigs back here with us. But still only about 20 total in the whole park. The other parks in town are still pretty empty too.
As I mentioned yesterday we went to the Centro Historico just to walk around some and to get Willie washed. The colors of the buildings still fascinate me. Every block has different colors in it.
Walking in Plazuela Machado we saw this woman and her child. She was begging. The colorful building behind her is a restaurant/bar. They are in the process of repainting it. Same color just not sun faded.
This morning first thing before it got too hot we finished cleaning the inside of the Alfa – Looks and feels so much better now. A clean house is a happy house. Yesterday afternoon Bill cleaned the inside of the Jeep. So to treat ourselves we jumped in the car and headed inland to Concordia. Between Villa Union and the Autopista are a lot of vendors selling grilled corn and dried shrimp. This corn always looks so good. You get mayonnaise with it??? And from what I’ve been told it does not taste good. It is not sweet corn like we’re used to – it is just pretty dry and tasteless. I’ll take every ones word for it.
Before Concordia is the small town of Malpica with its wonderful bakery. So of course we had to stop there. Once Bill said lets go to Concordia neither of us had any breakfast in anticipation of fresh baked goods. Parked out front of the bakery. This is their screen door. It has been mended with reed. The reed is holding the screen to the frame and also mended a slit across the screen. What ever works.
I’ve mentioned before that to get to the bakery we have to go through the living room of the house. The furniture is typical of the furniture made in the area around Concordia.
One section of the bakery – the machine on the table cuts dough into biscuits.
The big oven. It is wood burning. The pans of raw dough go through the metal door into the oven. The burning wood is at the sides of the inside of the oven.
We got there around 10:30 just after the croissants came out of the oven. They were still warm. The lady was laughing cause two of them didn’t even make it into the bag. They are so good – wish I could share them with everyone!
A close up of them. Hummmm think I’ll have another one.
Leaving town we passed this home, they were painting it last time we were here but I didn’t think it was going to turn out quite this PINK.
Another of the homes there. This one must be pretty old. It is sagging in places. The bricks are hand made. Those are old plastic paint buckets being used as planters. We see them being used all the time – once even as part of a musical instrument!
We stopped to visit with out friend Antonio and he happened to be getting a delivery of water for his house. First these tanks are filled then the water is pumped to another tank on the roof. Water arrives in the faucets by gravity. He filled both black tanks plus two other smaller containers from his truck. The other hose behind him is pumping water to the roof to the tank up there. There are no lids on the containers. I wonder about dust and bugs and algae.. I know when we were in Argentina and had an uncovered wooden water tank on the roof of the restaurant it grew green slimy stuff during the hot days of summer. Read about that adventure here - http://www.movingon1.com/retargentina2.html
Just a picture of the water truck. If it gets any rustier it won’t hold water any more.

It looks like it might be a pretty sunset so we're heading out to watch it. Will write about today more later.


  1. I do hope they boil their water....

  2. Yuck, no wonder one can get sick drinking foreign water! Glad you are enjoing your trip. Have fun! Terry