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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Update on the Church refinishing

Thursday a.m.
Up early – lots to do today – company coming for a few days – need to clean. Well not really – just vacuum. Our friends should be here around early afternoon. They are staying in a hotel in the Golden Zone. We have a big RV but as we say “6 for drinks, 4 for dinner but only room for 2 to sleep.”
Another picture I took while shopping in the Mega grocery store. These are the clerks and workers in the bakery section. Notice the face masks and hairnets.
Over to Centro Historico again yesterday. We parked and left Willie to be washed and walked toward the church – had to check on the progress. There were four colorful floats parked in the main plaza. Have no idea what they are for – They may have been part of Carnaval don’t know. Or something for Easter. The one in front had kind of an Easter look with the eggs and sunflowers. The one in back had the big lion and a throne of sorts.
Across the street is the cathedral. First thing we saw were the guys mixing the cement. They make kind of like a crater with the dry cement pour water in the middle and then use the shovels to mix it.
All mixed loading it into the wheelbarrow.
This section is done except for the paint. The cement is still in the drying process – can see where it is darker colored where it is still damp.
They are working from front to the back of the building – this is the back part of the wall we’ve been watching. Still chipping off the old cement and preparing it. They take it right down to the bricks.
Smoothing the just applied cement with a piece of wood.
The portion of the wall closest to the front. It is all done. Looks nice. All the wood doors and shutters have been redone too.
A couple of posts ago I showed the workers painting the fence – what they were actually doing I now know was priming the fence so it could be repainted glossy black. Walked by this oops – Wonder how it will clean up.
Out in front of the church are a couple of vendor stands. I could hear guitar music finally found it. He was playing and singing to the girl.
Continued walking to the shopping area. Bill wanted to check if the kitchen store had restocked it supply of cookie pans. Passed him. Sitting there watching the people and traffic with his coffee. Sounds like a good time to me.
One of the colorful food stands. Mexico is a land of contrasts - the ladies in the Mega wear masks - this is outside right on the street. The big cups in the background hold fruit. Pineapple, jicama, watermelon, papaya, mango. The cups in the back with the little round yellow things – I don’t know what they are called but to me they taste terrible. The vendor said I needed to put chili on them. Don’t think so.
Bill’s pans had come in so he bought four more. I waited near the front looking at some of the dishes inside the kitchen store.
Didn’t want to carry the pans back to the car so they held them for us until we came back with Willie to pick them up.
On to the Plazuela Machado for lunch. We heard music as we approached and saw this kid doing his thing with the ribbons of material. (Wasn’t too good at it – would never make it in the big time.)
And while eating we listened to another table being serenaded. Some of these strolling musicians are really good but some you pay just so they go away. He was pretty good.
Always something going on here. We both had Italian Chicken Salads – very very good. Kind of cool sitting there though as there was a cool breeze coming off the ocean.
Back to pick up clean Willie. We took a different route then we’ve taken before to get to the store to pick up the pans. [All the streets in the Centro Historico are one way so you have to pay attention to where you’re going. Got the camera up in time to get a pic of this wall. Someone took a lot of time painting it. It’s a B&B or small hotel of some sort. Huespedes means guests. Casa de Huespedes kind of translates into a hostel.
I wonder how old this little place is. Everything else around it had been restored.
So that was our excursion for the day. Back to the Alfa where we read and rested up for the next few days.
Had to pull the awning in again because of the wind. Not a very pretty sunset - no pictures of it.
Oh goody I took long enough doing this that Bill did the vacuuming. Can’t wait until our friends get here.

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