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Monday, February 11, 2013

Afternoon at the beach

Just saw on the Internet (so it’s got to be true right?) that the Pope is retiring. I didn’t know Popes could retire/quit. I thought they were Pope until the end. Been 600 years since one retired.
This morning we’re waiting for the mechanic. Sure hope he can fix the problem. Trouble is we won’t know for sure until Willie takes a drive long enough for him to heat up.
Yesterday was cooler than usual and mostly cloudy all day. I finished my necklace and read another book by Jennifer Crusie [that’s the correct spelling of her last name] – again it was laugh out loud in places. Going to have to see if I can find more in the library.
Late afternoon we took a ride out to the beach area in Cerritos – north Mazatlan – just to get out. The area is a fisherman area. Lots of small boats there.
The fishermen sell their catch to the restaurants in the area. Its also a tourist area with the restaurants and small shops selling every thing from plaster frogs in pulmonias to nice clothes. Lots of people there yesterday. Many of them eating at the tables set up on the beach.
This is one of the waitresses – she was doing a darn good job. After picking up the food she had to walk down some steep sandy stairs to deliver it.
Also lots of strolling musicians were out. If you look right past the musician on the left you can see the waitress – or her tray – again.
This group of men was up on the sidewalk playing a very, very serious for money game of dominoes. Lots of money on the table and some choice words being exchanged among them. They did not appreciate on lookers.
Walking along looking in the stores and fending off the vendors we stopped to watch a young man stringing chips of turquoise on a long wire. Guess he strings as many as he has then cuts the wire into necklace or bracelet lengths.
And then there was this! Talk about getting stared at by everyone – men and women. What was she thinking? 
They are headed down the stairs to the beach. To walk in the sand?  We were just getting into the car when I took this pictures so don’t know how she navigated in the sand. Must have been quite a show.
It was mostly overcast most of the day but by late afternoon the sun was trying to shine through and the clouds had broken up into strips. Kind of gave the sky a quilted or “tuck and roll” 1950s Chevy seat look.
And I’m getting closer to my ride – at least we watched a couple parasailing. And it was windy and quite cool out – not my idea of a nice day to try it. They were only up about five minutes. They take off from and land on the beach – that is the part that worries me – what if I fall down…..will I be drug face first through the sand?
The landing looked okay though. Several helpers were there to catch and stop them as soon as they were close enough to the sand.
One kid was running along the beach waving a yellow flag. Were they supposed to steer towards him or was he just letting them know where they would land? Not sure I like the “steering” thought.
A couple of the beach vendors at the end of a long day
Last evening was one of the big parades for Carnaval. It went all along the Malecón. Started at 5:30 so before going home we took a ride up to where it was going to end. Lots and lots of people heading out to watch it. Some of them were dressed up with colorful wigs. And some in costumes - none in this picture.
Strange sunset last night. First the sky got really, really yellow then the clouds turned dark pink. Can still see some of the yellow in the lower part of the picture. Eerie looking for a bit.
We watched the parade on TV. All the floats and dancing groups and bands hd a movie theme in keeping with the theme of Carnaval - The Movies. Some really cute costumes - Spiderman, Toy Story, Star Wars, Avatar and Titanic to name a few. And lots of the past Queens still looking very good. There were marchers and bands from all over the country. Some of them pretty darn good. Lots of imaginative floats. The final float carried dancers from a Samba club in Brazil – lots of shimming going on. And the very last entry were the dancing horses – good thinking there putting them at the end. They are so beautiful. A really nice parade and long.
Today is the Children’s Costume Ball and the coronation of the child King and Queen and then a light show in the older part of town. Tomorrow another big parade and Carnaval is over for another year.
Bill is out walking around the campground – I really should get my shoes on and go join him. Oops too late he is back already. 

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