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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Looking at Condos in Mazatlan

We all, me, Bill and George went out to breakfast at Torres again. It is such a nice place to begin a day. Peaceful view and sound of the ocean, good food and wonderful attention.
After breakfast we went to look at some high-rise condos right on the beach across the street from the RV park. Two and three bedrooms, two and three bathrooms. Lots of windows looking out over the ocean one way and over the mountains the other direction. Lots of closets and cupboards too. And a pretty big price – from US$300,000 on up. The higher the floor the higher the price. We could even see the RV park from up there. 
Ms Tioga and Jennie 
Great views – looking north
the pool on the right
Looking south towards the city.
In fact for the last four years we have been watching them build the place. There are around 90 units in it and “they say” 46 of them are sold. But on further questioning there are only 3 units occupied. The beautiful pool isn’t yet heated, only one elevator works, none of the other amenities are finished yet i.e. clubhouse, tennis etc. If and when they have everything ready the HOA fees will be about US$300 a month. For that I’d live in Santa Monica, CA.
We watched the soccer game between Barcelona and MilanBarcelona LOST – unbelievable! And Bill fought the laptop and Internet for the first half of the game – and then discovered it was showing on one of the Mazatlan TV channels….
I am having a weird time getting used to my new (lenses) glasses – they are exactly the same prescription the only difference is there are no scratches on the lenses. Before it looked like I was living in a fog. Now I can see things clearly –wasn’t there a song something like that?
Why do I keep getting emails about those tubs you can just step into? Day after day. “Be safe, buy one of our tubs.” I’m not that old yet!  And how to get rid of belly fat. What? Are they spying on me? Leave me alone……
Fixed dinner again last night – using more from freezer. Except this time I added more to the freezer. Used the two hamburger patties but had to buy eight buns – still have six left. Didn’t gain any space in there. But the border guards usually don’t take bread.
Visited with George a little last night and ate some of the wonderful Flan our friend Angelica made for Bill. Heavenly.
Today we’re going to go to El Quelite for breakfast. It’s such a pretty little town .
This afternoon are two pre Daytona NASCAR races. Wish I could watch them. The results will set the starting order for the Daytona 500 next Sunday. And tomorrow night is a truck race and Saturday night is a Nationwide race. And Kyle races in all of them. But Daytona is just a crap shoot as to who wins and this year with the new cars………

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