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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cold and Dreary Day in Mazatlan

It is a dark, cold and dreary day here so far in Mazatlan. In fact it is 8:00 and we still have the little heater on to keep the chill off. And according to the weather forecast it will be ugly and only in the low 70s most of the week. No parasailing. 
I bought some more Häagen-Dazs ice cream the other day at Soriana. The flavor  is Baileys. Supposed to taste like Baileys Irish Cream. And IT DOES. OMG it is delicious. I got to wondering what it would taste like to put a scoop of it in a glass of Chocolate Wine and top with whipped cream. Haven’t tried it yet but sure sounds good.
Had to make another run to TelCel yesterday as the Banda Ancha suddenly told us – no more GBs – you have to recharge it. What? We paid for 3GBs just last week. I checked my usage and had only used a little over 400 mega bites. What the? Well we got another lesson in Banda Ancha service. We found out that when we bought the GBs last week the customer service guy did not activate it and when it is not activated it costs 1 peso per bite used. So the 400 pesos we paid were used up already. We were told we should have used our TelCel phone to call 50/50 to activate time for the Banda Ancha????? We’ve never had to do that before. And besides we don’t have a TelCel phone. Bill was a little – whole lot – pissed off especially when they said we should have used our phone. What phone? Just a little misunderstanding of their system on our part and a lack of communication on their part. So another 400 pesos for another 3GBs of ACTIVATED Internet time – should last us until we are out of Mexico. And then we’ll just have to deal with getting our Verizon MiFi service back up and running. Things were so much simpler before all this new fangled technology – do I sound like an old fart?
From there we went to Soriana to get a take out pizza – theirs are pretty good. Ordered pepperoni and pineapple but they didn’t have any pineapple. Hum? A grocery store? But guess they can’t just get it from the produce or canned sections. Brought it home and shared it with George who was kind of like a hermit yesterday – staying inside with the door closed all day.
I watched the lap by lap information on the Nationwide race – my driver blew his engine 20 laps from the end – which might have been lucky for him as he was right up near the front all day and would probably been caught up in that horrible wreck in the last lap. What a mess. I think if I’d been Kyle Larsen's mother I’d have thrown up when I saw his car even though he was okay. And today for the big race it might rain. Wonder if they will let Montoya out on the track if they have to have the track dryers out there? (last year he hit one and set it and the track on fire - long long delay to the race.)
We’re supposed to go out to dinner tonight with a couple of friends – out to the Plazuela Machado. I hope it’s not windy as the restaurant is outside seating.
Been reading a whole series of Danielle Steele books lately. I used to read her a lot then stopped. I find I can skip whole pages without missing any of the story. Think I’ll go back to mysteries and who done its.
I’m also diligently working on my necklace – I now have 7 of the 30 sections done. 

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