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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Boo Hoo the Beads won't work -

All we did exciting yesterday was go to the market. The exciting part is always the drive there and back. Then pretty much stayed here the rest of the day.
Bill tried to do some beading but the beads are so many different sizes he couldn’t do anything. See he really did try.
That project will have to wait until he gets home where he has kilos of the right kind of beads. I imagine I’ll figure out a way to utilize the beads.
I downloaded a couple of books from the library again – at least I’m getting exposed to new authors. Reading some by Jennifer Crusie now. Kind of fun to read – in fact laughed out loud a couple of times last night and almost woke Bill up. The book I downloaded is a bundle of four of her books. I need to start a list on the laptop of “Authors I want to read more of” ‘cause by the time I get to a book store I don’t remember their names.
I actually fixed dinner last night. We need to use up what is in the freezer go end up giving it to the border people. Felt kind of good to sit at home and eat and know exactly what we were eating. Corn on the cob, angel hair pasta and Italian sausage with red and yellow peppers. And there are enough leftovers for lunch.
Bill watched a Mexican soccer game on TV – guess it was pretty good – or any way the announcer made it sound exciting. Lots of rolled rrrrrrrrrs in his speech. Then we were watching a program on some of the towns here in the state of Sinaloa – couple of places maybe we can visit after Willie’s fixed.
Took a picture of our little iron wood carved turtles – they are so cute. The wood is so pretty. 
Today we’re going to La Noria for a good part of the day. Roberto, Sergio and Bill will be working on leather masks – I’ll be ???? maybe I’ll take my Nook with me and read or walk around town a bit if it’s not too hot.
Starting to look at the maps on how to go home. The weather there in Indiana isn’t too bad this week – in the high 40s low 50s. I’m also reading all I can find on the Internet about NASCAR – sounds like my favorite driver is expanding his own motorsports business. Go KYLE!!! Hopefully I can get some kind of internet view of the upcoming races.
Time to get ready to head into the hills. 

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