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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Visit to Las Labradas just north of Mazatlan

Ended up not doing much of anything yesterday afternoon. The wind came up something fierce and it got pretty cool – even for me!
Well take that back we did do something – we went out for TaDa – ribs. This is for Tom....
When we got back to the campground we found an Adventures Caravan group with 19 RVs had come in. And of course they stay in the back so we are now one among many.
And then I discovered that the first two sections of the new necklace that I’d finished I’d done WRONG!!! NO!!! more ripping out and now one and a half are redone. So no beading for a while until I forgive myself.
This morning we got an early start on the day before I could get a boring post about a nothing yesterday done.
We headed out to breakfast across the street at our favorite breakfast restaurant only to find a huge group of people having a meeting there….ARGG. So then to another little restaurant we’ve been talking about trying. Except they only have outside tables and it is on a main highway next to a gas station. Smelled like we were sitting with our noses up the tailpipe of a bus. Don’t think so. So off we headed again in search of a meal. Finally stopped at Mary’s in the Golden Zone. Outside tables but back from the street – not busy and a breakfast menu. We both had French toast. Would go back there again.
And it is right next door to the used book store. 
After filling our tummies it was “What should we do?”  A couple of years ago we’d discovered an area with lots of petroglyphs just north of here right on the beach. It was such a beautiful day we decided to go there. We had to get on the Autopista 15-D and go about 25 miles north. Of course we had to pass a toll booth – 100 pesos (and of course go through it on the way back too.) Once you are on the 15.D north there is no way off it until the toll booth or until the first Returno
which is a ways after the toll booth and it is there that the entrance to Las Labradas is. Unless you know where you are going it is easy to miss as we did last time we tried to find it. This is the only sign that Las Labradas is there. 
There is just a dirt road into the area and it wanders through a little town. 
Luckily a man saw us hesitating at a corner and whistled at us and then motioned which way we should go. At the end of the road we followed the cactus lined path to the beach. 
The sign right before entering the beach.
I took 139 pictures there so I tried to pick the best and/or most interesting out so you wouldn't have to suffer through all 139 of them. Here is the beach - the petroglyphs are scattered all over on the rocks. Sure glad I wore tennis shoes and not sandals.
Looking north up the beach. The sun was shining, temps about 75 and no wind - perfect day. 
Here are some of the better pics of the petroglyphs

And here is Bill checking out all the little animales.
Some that he found

Some more pictures of the writings - drawings.

 And this is just a spider web I saw between a couple of rocks. 
And the last one.
When we were here a couple of years ago there was just this little wood museum here. 
A picture of a picture inside the museum - hard way to leave a history of your people. These petroglyphs of Tolteca origin are the remains of the most ancient artistic expressions of Mexico´s northwestern territory. Some archeologists state these may have been created 1,000 or 1,500 years ago.
Soon this will be an important tourist destination. New buildings going up.
Some more information and good directions can be found here
On the way out we passed these children - stopped and gave them some candy - I'm sure their parents loved that. But the little boy and girl liked it. 
On home until later in day when we'll head out somewhere again. Most of our neighbors are on a bus trip today so it is quiet here in the campground. 
Happy Valentines Day to all. 

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