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Monday, February 4, 2013

Pizza and Super Bowl

We went out to the market around sunset last night and it made me remember the time I saw “the green flash.” Yes I really did see it once a year ago; in fact the other three people sitting with me saw it too. We were all astounded as none of us thought it was really true. Came across an article about how it happens. In case you ever wondered. “The green color at sunset is caused by refraction – the bending of the sun’s light. The most common of the green flashes is a dot of emerald green at the top of the sphere just as the sun disappears. It happens quickly and some are more intense then others. They are seen best when humidity is low and the air is cooler than the water. When there are clouds, usually there’s no green flash.” Would love to someday get a movie of one.
Had a quiet Sunday. Bill watched Barcelona play on his laptop. The game ended in a tie 1 – 1 with Messi only making one goal. Only? He has made at least one goal in the last 39 games he has played.
While at the market we got a big take out pizza – okay but not the best either. But had to have pizza to watch the SuperBowl. It was the only thing we could get on Mexican TV here. Very different to watch an American football game broadcast in Spanish. Sounds a whole lot more exciting in Spanish. GGGOOOAAALLL!!!!!  And then the blackout. The extra time sure seemed to turn the 49ers around.
This morning we went out for a bit – again looking in souvenir shops this time in the Golden Zone. I saw these puppets – don’t know how many we bought through the years for our kids – they still look the same.
Bill was talking to the man who owned the shop the puppets were in. He has been in business in the same place for 28 years. I think these parrots have been hanging there for the whole time.
The owner was telling Bill that the businesses in the Golden Zone have really been hurt by the ships not coming in and the North American tourists not coming to Mexico as much any more. Too much bad press in the North American press. 80% of the small businesses there have closed. But with the new mayor everyone is hoping the ships will start coming back – seems a lot of that was political – raising the price for the ships to dock etc.
In another shop I saw this tiny beaded Volkswagen – isn’t it neat?
The proprietor of that shop was telling us about a real Volkswagen that was beaded by two families of Huichol Indians. It was a 1990 VW. It took 2,273,000 beads to cover it. About 9000 hours of work. Here is a web site about it – worth watching the video.
Before we left the area we walked down to the beach to check on the para-sailing  I still think I want to try it. But not today….. At least the weather is warming up again and the wind isn’t so strong. Maybe soon…..
On the way home we stopped to look at the construction on the new Mall they are really moving along and it is going to be really big.

I read about a book I want to read – but it’s not available in our library so guess I’ll have to buy it. It is called “A Year In The Merde” by Stephan Clarke. About his experiences in France. Sounds really funny.

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  1. Don't bother with A Year In the Merde - it was not funny, just rude and crude and I am sorry I read it! You might like Happier than a Billionaire by Nadine Hays Pisani about her living in Costa Rica - very funny. Cheers!