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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

An afternoon and evening out and about in Mazatlan

If you haven’t read yesterday’s post check it out – about the 1990 Volkswagen that was beaded by the Huichol Indians. I put a link to the story in the blog.
First off I’m glad I didn’t find the book I was talking about “A Year In The Merde” I found a excerpt from it on the web and I guess it just isn’t my kind of humor. If I find it for free somewhere I’ll probably read it but don’t think I want to pay for it.
Just kind of messed around yesterday – it was a perfect day here weather wise. Warm but not hot and very little wind. ALMOST perfect for parasailing – cluck, cluck, cluck!
We thought we’d try a different restaurant for dinner – one where they serve T-bone steak – still craving meat – need to get those hides smell proofed.
I’ve taken pictures from there before it is where the kids go surfing. Anyway. There are also local craft people there doing their thing. This is the glass blower. 
Such beautiful delicate work. Can’t even imagine trying it. Well actually I tried something like it once. I tried to make glass beads. Very NOT good at it. I kept ending up with hunks of glass junk. Maybe some day again I’ll try. Anyway.
We were taken to a table by the hostess. When she used the menus to brush the crumbs off the tablecloth….well let’s just say the impression wasn’t good. We sat down and had a wonderful view. This is just the restaurant.
This is the view. They even have tables out on the sand. How romantic.
So we sat, and we sat. Finally a bus boy ran up to our table and plopped down chips and salsa and menus. Okay good. Well that was the last we saw of any service person. After about 30 minutes we got up and left. And they weren’t really that busy.
So we drove back towards town and the aroma of BBQ ribs caused Willie to turn into a parking spot by Fat Fish – the rib place. Both of us had ribs and both of us brought home enough leftovers for a couple of days. No pictures of the ribs this time - don't want to be cruel. 
After stuffing ourselves we took a drive out towards the Malecón. This hotel changes it’s light for the seasons. Kind of neat.
Yesterday was Constitution Day a holiday for Mexico so there were a lot of people walking on the Malecón and at the area where the divers and vendors are. Whole families. People on in line skates, skateboards, bikes, walking, jogging and pushing their little kids in all kinds of neat car and princess strollers. And a bunch of little kids in electric powered cars. Glad we could hear them coming cause some of those kids can’t steer. Fun to watch.
There is a beautiful statue out there of a man and a women looking over jumping dolphins. Sometimes there are colored lights on it. Not last night. The statue was repainted gold??? Just last year but is already peeling back to its original bronze.

We parked and walked around for a bit. In one area there was free entertainment going on. A clown who loved working with the children in the audience. Everyone having a great time.
And lots of food available. These are all dishes with wieners in them. Bites of wiener wrapped in tortilla and deep fried. Grilled wieners. And the bites with all kinds of stuff on them.
And another stand frying the wieners. They sure smelled good.
Bill stopped for a while and when I asked him what he was doing he said he was counting. Counting? Yep of every 10 people at least 8 of them were eating something. Like being at a county fair. Everything smells and looks so much better out of doors.
On the news last night they were saying the hotels have 70 to 80% occupancy and business for the taxies has pick up substantially. And we could see that yesterday when we were driving around. Of course this is Carnaval week – from the 7th to the 12th so that makes a difference. The newscaster said there are a lot of tourists from in land MexicoDurango, Guadalajara etc. 

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