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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Knitter in Paradise

Waited the rest of yesterday for the propane truck – didn’t show up – Mañana time I guess.
Just thought I’d share yesterday’s knitting project – well actually it wasn’t a project it was more a “I think I finally get it” type of thing. Looking at it I was thinking that if I added a couple of ties or buckles to it I’d have an overcoat for a Chihuahua.
Cute huh? Pretend the bottle top is a tail. Well I've never said I wasn't weird.
The only problem is it will unravel as I just pulled it off the needles – don’t know how to end it – need to go back to the web site and learn that. Would super glue work?
Bill just asked me what I was doing now [actually I’m just practicing the knit stitch –having trouble with the tension part] I told him I was making him a neck scarf – a long skinny one - he will probably be able to wrap it around his neck 45 times and the needles would still be attached. I think he thinks I’m nuts.
It’s a good thing the car is in the shop or I’d be wanting to go to the store and get more yarn – different colors – textures – Oh yah! Maybe I should write another blog call it Knitter in Paradise. Or maybe I should just stop reading books about hobbies.
I really need to learn how to cast off? Bind off? What ever?
I did find out that one of our friends at home is an excellent knitter – so there is hope for me yet. I get a stiff neck after I do it for a while – probably holding the needles wrong. Bill says I need to hold the needles between my bosom and my arm so they don’t slide out of the stitches. What bosom?
Oh boy another learning experience – I didn’t roll the skein into a ball – too anxious to begin to bother - so now I have a blob of fuzzy turquoise spaghetti that I’m trying to untangle. [Did finally get it untangles and rolled into a ball – kept dropping the ball while trying to roll it. Isn’t it amazing how yarn and thread can tie itself into knots that there is no way to untie. But if you try to tie a permanent knot in it it just keeps coming undone? Isn’t there any thing about knitting that is simple?
Will work today on casting on again – last time I did it too tight and then work on knit row purl row. I need to check to see if yarn here is cheaper than in the states.
Yes! I figured out the instructions for “casting off” well except for the last stitch – messed up there but otherwise it worked. So Bill’s scarf ended up being only 5 inches long – won’t keep him very warm.

No word from the Jeep place. And when we do get it back we want to use it for a couple of days to make sure he is happy. So that might delay our leaving Mazatlan for a week or so. Besides it is cold up North.

We all went out to dinner across the street again. Bill and I had chicken picatta – not as good as he makes but okay and George had beer battered shrimp. Had to eat in the inside part though as it was too cold to eat in the palapa. The restaurant had a guitar player singer there but he didn’t seem to be putting his heart into his performance. By the time we walked home some of the wind had let up so it wasn’t quite as cold here. 
During the day I downloaded a program to watch movies on the laptop. Why is it when all you want is the program you get all kinds of other stuff with it? Had to remove icons from the desktop, weird programs from the hard drive and then straighten out all my browsers as it added a home page browser called Tuvara or something like that to everything. GRRRRR. Lifes tiny irritations.  


  1. Casting off is really easy, you simply pass each stitch over the one in front. You'll figure it out!

    I sure wish these winds would die down too! We've hardly sat at the pool at Torres Mazatlan.
    We were in town yesterday though and it was great as long as we weren't along the water.

  2. P.S. your photo looks like it was taken on the beach at Torres Mazatlan!!

  3. i found tomato paste in the Torres Mazatlan store.