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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Time on Mazatlan's beaches

Got a call from the Jeep dealer/service shop yesterday afternoon – looks like Willie is getting major repairs. It is amazing he ran for as long as he did. A couple of the parts are being expressed from the states – will be here today or tomorrow. Transmission will end up having a major rebuild. In the mean time poor Willie is probably wondering what the heck is going on….he is in a strange place and everyone is speaking a strange language and poking and prodding him. But it is for his own good. And it won’t hurt much.
Bill and I took a long walk on the beach yesterday. Beautiful day for it. This is looking south back towards the islands in the bay.
These are rocks right at the water line. At first I though it was just sand piled up there – then I took a closer look. Guess someday in the far future they will be sand.
And more rocks these are about 10 to 12” above the sand, the water can go under them. Like fingers sticking out.
This morning George, Bill and I walked over to the restaurant on the beach for breakfast. Do us all good to get out and walk and the weather was perfect. Blue sky, sunny, a little cool and no wind yet today. One of the pretty bougainvillea bushes in the RV park.
Every time I see this one I think it should be on a wedding cake or at the very least part of a wedding scene. It is so pretty and delicate looking.
While we were enjoying our usual delicious breakfasts George saw a black bird fly to the table next to us and steal a sugar packet. He just picked it up in his beak and flew outside with it. In a little bit he was back again. George held up a sugar packet for him to see. He was very interested – sitting on a ledge and cocking his head watching the packet. George put it on the table and almost before he sat down the bird was on the table picking it up.
This time he flew to the floor with it.
He stood on it and pecked it until he had an opening in the packet then he enjoyed the sugar.
He came back later and tried to land on another table with two couples sitting there. They did not appreciate his company and scared him away.
Also saw people out riding horses on the beach. Looks like fun. Haven’t been on a horse in years. 
When I was a little girl and lived in Idaho we had a couple of horses. Even rode them in the rodeo/state fair parades. So long ago.
This sardine boat was out fishing.  The nets were out on both sides and it was moving around quite fast. Interesting. Look at the birds sitting on the rigging just waiting for brunch.
We got to talking about that no matter where you are if you really look around you can find something interesting to see. Even mundane things like the pink flowered bush. Or the tiny flowers growing in the dirt of the RV park. 
Back at the RV park now waiting for the propane man to come and fill us for the trip home next week.
Last night I was reading a novel and the main character had a quilt shop. She talked about the Sunshine and Shadows quilt pattern. I looked it up on line – very pretty and would be a challenge. It is all 3” squares. Lots and lots of work. Can't wait until I get home and open up my sewing machine again. Soon we'll have our 3rd great grand child who will need a quilt. 

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