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Friday, February 1, 2013

Visit to Home Depot in Mazatlan

1/12 of 2013 gone already and we’ve been on the road for 100 days today. Some days it seems longer - other days like we just left home – well not really……
This year there are lots and lots of butterflies around– all sizes and colors. Even here in the campground.
Yesterday we went to Home Depot in search of a spare hose – didn’t get one but looked around a little. A display of machetes with Home Depot orange handles
And the glass blocks with all the different designs on them. We asked at the Home Depot at home and they never heard of them.

Pretty aren't they?
This is ceramic tile – 9 square feet for US$6.00 It looks really nice when down.
Picked up my new/old glasses. Used my old frames ‘cause I like them and got new progressive lenses. My goodness it isn’t foggy out any more. The old ones were so scratched up it was like looking through a haze. About US$75.00.
Then to grocery store and home for the rest of the day. Not even a nice sunset to watch last night. Read, worked on new necklace and watched TV..then left overs for dinner. 
One of the RVers here in the campground is getting his graphics repainted. So far it looks like a very nice job being done. 
Will take a couple pics when it is finished. The Alfa sure needs its graphics redone - maybe next time we bring it down here. 
Not much else going on. 

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