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Friday, February 8, 2013

Search for beads in Mazatlan

Yesterday was another pretty quiet day. I finally got a half way decent picture of my little glass flying pig.  So here it is. Only one wing really shows but he really does have two.
We went out to run errands – picked up the laundry and went to Sam’s Club still looking for the prosciutto that still wasn’t there. Did pick up some good green grapes – didn’t notice the price until we got home. Over US$8 – going to enjoy every last one of them!
Then over to Centro for some beads. Yes beads!
One of the things I forgot to mention when writing about the traffic are the performers in the intersections. These guys were pretty good but it took them a while to get out of the way when the light turned green.
The first day of Carnaval and things going on in the Plazuela Machado. All the parking lots were closed – even the ones not near the Plazuela. But we lucked into a space on the street right across from the Cathedral. A car was pulling out just as we got there. We were in and out of several stores looking for a certain type of bead. The kind the Huichols use – they are more expensive then the ones I use and they are all exactly the same size. No one here in Mazatlan sells them.  So Bill finally ended up buying the kind I use as he wanted colors I didn’t bring with me. So why does he want them? Well remember the picture of the toy VW that I posted – it was all covered in beads. One day when we were over in the Central Market he found a souvenir – small – pulmonia. I opened my mouth and said, “You could bead that.” The quest was on. First we had to get the wax. Where to find it? Hummm remember the place in the Golden Zone that sold all the Huichol stuff? (the VW) Maybe the proprietor would know where to get some. Guess what? He had some in his bag and gave a small amount to Bill. So now he had pulmonia and wax – thus the quest for beads. If he starts it I’ll be sure to take pictures.
So here is Bill in the Parisania (a big yardage and craft supply store) picking out his beads.
I’ve mentioned pulmonias several times lately – for any one who doesn’t know what they are here is a picture. Kind of an open air golf cart on steroids with a canopy. They zip around all over the place usually with their music on HIGH. Pulmonia translates to pneumonia in English.
Later we went back over to the beach to watch the sunset again. Bill was talking to his friends the vendors and I was watching this bird walking back and forth. He was finding something to eat in the water.
One of the youngest vendors I’ve seen. He was helping his family carry stuff to the car.
One of the vendors Bill was talking to went to his truck and came back with a couple of tiny iron wood carved turtles. He gave them to Bill. They are so cute. The people here are amazingly friendly and thoughtful.
Not a spectacular sunset but I did notice that the little square cloud was casting a shadow on the bigger cloud above it.
From there we went to Plazuela Machado. By the time we got back there in the evening all the big events of the day were over so the Plazuela itself was not crowded. But getting there was a chore and finding parking again hard. But we finally found an open lot and walked up to the restaurant for dinner. Lots of strolling musicians were about last night. Some were very good, some like fingernails on a blackboard. Lots of police present in the area too.
Do you think this restaurant is anticipating a crowd of partiers? Ice and beer available.
Lots of people on the streets heading towards the beach where the festivities were just heating up. Lots of extra food carts set up in the streets. Lots of cars illegally parked on both sides of the narrow streets. Thought at one time we’d have to pull in our mirrors to get down one very narrow street with cars parked half on the street and half on the sidewalk. Once out of that area though the streets were almost empty. Bill says we aren’t going back there until Carnaval is over.
This morning my back is giving me fits – I think it is the bed in Jennie but not much we can do about it here. Hopefully it feels better later. Think I’ll do some beading and maybe try knitting again today. 
The jeep has an appointment Monday morning for an oil change, fix a tail light that isn’t working and change a small piece that regulates/shifts the gears. Hope it works.

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