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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Header Picture

I've been fooling with adding a new header since last night. Could not get it to be a full size picture. Would only be a little thing. Don't know what I did but finally it is ful  but it's not the picture I really wanted. However it is going to stay for now. At least it is from here in Mazatlan. 
I was thinking about changing my header picture in Facebook too but after this I think I'll leave it alone.
Out to breakfast this morning at the restaurant on the beach. And I saw some dolphins swimming by. And of course they didn't surface again for quite a while. I think the waiter and Bill thought I was seeing things for a while. 
Dropped the laundry off then went to Centro to pick up Bill's new sunglasses - prescription bifocals - aviation style - green lenses???? - I've heard of looking through rose colored glasses but green....what ever. US$40.
Then over to pick up a pair of pants for me that had to be taken up. Just light weight beige cotton elastic waist slacks. 
Then a walk around the plaza. Lots of sprucing up going on. The white metal benches have been repainted and a couple were sat in before the paint dried - must have been some surprised people. Couldn't they smell the wet paint?
Also lots and lots of beer and sodas being delivered to the various restaurants around it. Tomorrow is the first day of Carnaval. But other wise quiet there for today. 
Lots and lots of tourists and traffic in town. 

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  1. I love your header photo. It looks like the ocean is on fire.