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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Oysters in Mazatlan

Leaving the campground yesterday morning we had to check out the progress on the paint job. Looks pretty good. 
To re-do all the graphic paint on Jennie it would cost about 7000 pesos – US$540. We are not getting her repainted but Bill is thinking about the Alfa if we bring it done here again. We also stopped and paid for another month here – so we won’t be leaving until March 5th.
We were headed to the used English book store in the Golden Zone. We still had a credit there for some books. Bill got a couple of Randy Wayne White books but I couldn’t remember the author I wanted to read more from. That figures. Interesting place and an interesting man who runs it. And lots and lots of paperback books.
From there we stopped at a Farmacia Moderna to see if they had a book I saw advertised on TV. It is the history of Mazatlan with lots of pictures. They didn’t have it but would call another store and have it delivered right away. So we went looking at all the souvenir stores around there. Bill has come up with another idea for his leather works so he was looking for little vases. Didn’t really find what he was looking for but saw lots of “stuff.” Here are some bathroom sinks. Ceramic and all hand painted. I guess in the right room they might look good. And I’ve seen matching toilets….
And some jugs to hold water – they come with spigots and stands.
But didn’t find what we were really looking for. Must have gone in and out of 20 different places. It’s amazing what people will buy while on vacation. I know I’ve sure taken home stuff I didn’t need – and after I got it home didn’t even like it.
Back to the Farmacia and as we went in a motorcycle pulled up outside and a guy jumped off with the book. By now I’d realized it was probably all in Spanish but felt obligated to buy it anyway. Glad we did – amazing pictures.
Then on to the Malecón to park and look in more souvenir stores. Still nothing. But I noticed something I hadn't realized before. There were oyster fishermen out in the water right next to Valentinos. See the black dot? And all the men sitting on the rocks cleaning oysters.
Here is one with his inner tube and in his wet suit coming in out of the water.
Cleaning off the inner tube.

Cleaning the oysters? Or opening them? A couple people had little tables set up with all kinds of hot sauce – selling them to eat right there.
Some of the bicycles belonging to the oyster men.
We ended up staying home last night instead of going out as we’d planned. Just as well I didn’t need another big restaurant meal. Ended up having a ham and cheese sandwich and Bill had a big salad. 
Today in a few minutes is a soccer game Bill hopes to watch on his laptop. Barcelona is playing. Yesterday Real de Madrid had a game and their star player made a goal FOR THE OTHER TEAM. And they lost 1 - 0. Oops. 
After the game we have to go to the market but no other plans for the day. 


  1. I think those sinks are gorgeous! I'd love to live in a home all decorated in Mexican styles and vivid colors.

  2. Emily - we almost bought a condo here in Mazatlan because we fell in love with a dining room set we saw in Hidalgo - it was beautiful - came to our senses though - but we still go to visit it.