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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Finally found El Mirador Restaurant

A little discombobulated this morning. I’ve just been surfing the net and not remember to “do my job.”  Got up later than usual – had a weird night. I had a dream that made me scream out loud! – guess it scared the c—p out of Bill too. He was shaking me, I was screaming and in my dream a person was trying to grab me. Couldn’t go back to sleep afterward. We both stayed up reading for a while. And I was for once reading a nice sweet novel before going to sleep.
Here’s a picture of one of the many butterflies around here. There is a big black one to but he won’t sit still long enough to get a picture of him.
The wind has been blowing here lately and the ocean has been kind of rough. Yesterday we how rough – most of the beach in front of the Torres hotel is gone- there is a few feet of sand and then a four foot drop off where the sand has just disappeared. One of the waiters says it will be back in a few weeks.
I discovered a restaurant on-line that we've been trying to find. It sits way up on the hill overlooking the city, ocean and harbor. So yesterday we went serious hunting for it.
The old area is really getting ready for Carnaval – the gates are going up across the roads to keep the party goers in and the non ticket holders out. People who live in the area either leave for the duration or have to have permits to get to their homes. Notice the movie theme.
We’ve been able to see the restaurant from one of the view points along the ocean where we go to watch the sunsets. But these stairs were the only way we could find up. No Way! (this pic was taken from the restaurant looking down.)
So winding around the hills through a nice neighborhood we finally found the restaurant.
It looks out towards the lighthouse hill.
This is one of the cannons they are talking about. Made in 1875.
Looking back towards Centro – the Cathedral area.
Another roof top look. The Cathedral is in the far left side.
Going back down the hill. Boy if he lets go of his barrel he’ll have a heck of a time catching it. No matter what time or where you are you always see people cleaning the streets.
Back in town – this building is/was a beautiful building too bad someone doesn’t buy it and repair it.
And this one too. It was built to be a house but was never occupied. They very top of it with at least three different kinds of tile on it.
Just another colorful street. Each business is painted a different color. In this area the building and be renovated inside to be modern but the exterior has to stay the same - with repairs of course - but the old style cannot change. 
One of those businesses is a dress maker – How pretty is this?
Back at the campground till later when we went out to dinner at the beach. 
Our favorite musician Raphael Rodriquez was playing at the Torres restaurant and it was BBQ night. Bill had BBQ chicken and I had beer battered fish. Excellent meal. And good entertainment. Lots of people getting up to dance. And this waiter – wish the picture was better but you can see the glass on his head. He was dancing with it there. And it wasn’t tied down. Guess his head is shaped like the bottom of the glass. 
His comment was "Don't try this at home." A very pleasant evening. 

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