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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Puerta de Canoas visit

Yesterday morning while eating breakfast we were watching the pelicans and sea gulls attacking a school of sardines just off the beach. Talk about a feeding frenzy. No dolphins though – guess they’d already had their full.
Then we drove out to La Noria. On the way there we passed these two men clearing the brush as the side of the road with their machetes.
They must have been at it for a while because the brush was cleared almost all the way to La Noria. I wonder how they get there and how they get home after a days work. Some one drops them off and then finds them and picks them up? Or do they live around there?
When we got to the leather shop Bill found out that Roberto and Sergio couldn’t play with the masks because they had an order for 15 saddles that had to be delivered to Culiacan in a week. Bill visited with them for a bit and I sat outside under a tree reading my Nook. I did find out something I didn’t know – La Noria means the well. The little town sits in a depression in the mountains like at the bottom of a well.
On the way home we drove through the tiny village of Puerta de Canoas. I’d read about a candy making business there and a cart building business. The candies they make are called jamoncillos – they remind me of maple sugar candy. Really kind of good but sooooo sweet. But I guess on Saturday they are all closed. We did find out where the candy making place was. There were some children playing next to the church and we stopped to ask them. Turns out the candy place was right in front of the church. A white with orange trim building that looked like a house. One of the girls went over to it as we turned around. By the time we got there she was talking to someone through the front window. When we stopped she turned to us and told us they weren’t open. We forgot it was Saturday. So maybe next time now that we know where it is. And as we pulled away I saw a larger white and orange building behind the house – that must be the factory.
Same with the cart builder. We did see one of the carts they make though sitting on the front porch. The same family has been making the carts for 50 years. See the cactus growing out of the roof?
These carts are used for everything and we see them all over being pulled by horses. I’ve probably taken a zillion pictures of them.
Saw this unusual flowering plant – looks kind of like an ocotillo but greener and with a bigger flower.
Hopefully we’ll go back there on a week day and get to met some of the people.
Got home and stayed for the rest of the day. Madrid played a soccer game; Ronaldo (CR7) scored a Hat Trick – 3 goals in one game. Barcelona also played won 6 – 1 with Messi only getting one goal. Must have been an off day for him.
Last nights festivities for Carnaval were the big ones – Crowning of the Queen, a concert and a naval battle with lots of fireworks etc. We didn't go to any of it. Everything was peaceful here unlike New Orleans where four people were shot.
Fixed dinner again last night – ravioli and meatballs. Emptying that freezer little by little.
We see people all over down here riding bikes. Actually now I’m talking about gringos. They get so much exercise that way. I have to admit I never learned to ride a two-wheeler. Bill bought us a couple of bikes several years back. He didn’t believe me when I told him I couldn’t ride. “Every kid can ride a bike, you’ll remember how.” What part of “never learned” didn’t he understand? I could ride in a straight line but if I had to turn a corner watch out! So anyway. Out in front of the house, this was when we still lived in California, up on the bike I went. Wobbling down the street…. oh oh a corner. Blam into a chain link fence I went. I hit so hard my whole thigh was bruised for a month. Last time ever on a bike. Maybe I should get a trike then I could get some exercise at least in the campground. I hear they have folding “adult trikes” now … just my speed. 
No plans for today yet - right now it is overcast and cooler than usual. 
Tomorrow Willie has an appointment with the mechanic. 

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