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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Willie's Woes

Willie, our Jeep, only spent a while over at the dealers yesterday but they do think they have found the problem and he will go back in bright and early Monday morning. We should have him back by Tuesday or maybe even Monday. While we were waiting for the diagnosis we had breakfast at a very nice restaurant – Sanborns – in the Gran Plaza Mall.
Very upscale – linen napkins and placemats no less. And no prices on the menu – now that’s a little weird. But it was only US$16 – two coffees, with unlimited refills, we both had  two eggs with ham and hash browns and toast.
They also have a bakery here is a display of one of their 15th birthday cakes. This is about US$175.00
Before we left the RV park this a.m. we saw George outside washing Ms. Tioga. He has more energy than us. Go George!
And before I forget in the last few days I’ve discovered a new use for black garbage bags and plastic grocery bags. Didn’t get pictures of either so you’ll have to use your imagination.  The easiest to explain are the grocery bags. In the main plaza are a whole lot of men who shine shoes. In one chair was a man getting his sandals shined. So his socks didn’t get polish on them he had grocery bags over his socks under his sandals. This made it easier on the shoe shine man to do the job. Ingenious.
The garbage bags are a little harder to describe. A man who appeared to be homeless – “down on his luck” was wearing the garbage bags as pants. It took a couple glances to realize what he was wearing – they kind of looked at first glance like gaucho pants. (this is kind of the idea )
Kind of puffy around the thighs. Any way – he was using two bags. He had his leg stuck through a hole in a bag and then pulled up the open end and put it around his waist. They overlapped one another at the crotch so he was covered. Would imagine he had to slit them down one side a ways to get them up around his waist. Another ingenious use of a bag.
After breakfast we walked around the mall waiting for the Jeep dealer to call us about Willie. This brand new shoe store was having opening day with a priest there to bless it.
Personally I think the women who walk in these shoes need the blessings more than the store. The women here wear amazing shoes –1- 2” platform soles and 5 – 6” heels. I don’t think I could ever have walked in them.
Spent the afternoon at home. Bill reading and me watching what I could of the goings on at Daytona NASCAR. Practice and qualifying etc.  Also got a couple more sections of my necklace done - only 26 more to go.
We all went out to Fat Fish for dinner again. George’s suggestion – he can’t get enough of the RIBS. No pictures this time. Bill chickened out though and had steak. After eating we took a little ride up the Malec√≥n but didn’t stay out long. Willie is really acting up now – wants to start in 2nd instead of 1st and then won’t shift to 3rd. And it was windy and even COLD out.
Got home in time to watch the leaderboard of the truck race. Couldn’t get the actual view of the race. Kyle came in 2nd but led several laps. Maybe today in the Nationwide race he’ll win …..or tomorrow in the 500. And there are a couple of soccer games on today too. So guess it will be a stay home or maybe go to the sports bar in the marina and have pizza to watch the Barcelona game.
Had the little heater on all night and in fact it is still coming on once in a while. If the wind doesn’t come up though it will be an okay day – overcast. No parasailing unless the weather gets nicer.....

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  1. Priest blessing shoes? Thats a new one to me!