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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

In and out of stores in Mazatlan's Centro district

Got a late start today. Got up later than usual then we went out to breakfast with George to the restaurant on the beach and then we went to look at condos on the beach. It is almost time for Bill to watch his soccer game using the Internet. So I need to hurry with this.
Yesterday was another errands kind of day – just going from here to there getting stuff we think we wanted or needed.
Driving along the Malecón towards the central market we were surprised to see that the statues for Carnaval were being taken down. Quite a project. Each needed several men with saws and hammers, a crane and a flatbed truck. Here the crane is attached and ready to lay the statue down so the men could make it small enough to fit on the flat bed truck.
Driving towards the parking lot I spied this small store/market. “Scrumptious Baked Potatoes” – aren’t we in Mexico? I wonder how good they are maybe will have to try to find a place near there to park so we can try them. They have home delivery – will they deliver to the RV park?
One of the streets by the central market – it is a street for driving on but no one seems to care. Crossing and walking anywhere.
We wandered around inside one of the big yardage stores looking for laces for Bill’s shirt so I took a few pictures of some of the yardage. This is a nice wool used to make school uniform skirts. Costs about US$4.00 a yard. Actually a meter which is about the same as a yard.
Nice cotton prints. About US$2.40 a yard.
And French Silk Shantung. About US$3.20 a yard.
From there into the Central Market just some shots of food there. How about a cows head? The rest of it was on the counter behind the head. This is a whole isle of meat markets.
Or how about some smiling pigs heads?
Looking down an aisle of produce stands.
I want this piece right here! Another beef carcass.
Here are some fruits? In my handy dandy little cheat sheet for Spanish words I couldn’t find either of these. Actually it is spelled guanabana and it is used in ice cream and juices and is thought to help in the treatment of cancer. As near as I can figure out the anona is a type of guanabana - now isn't that a big help.
Grapes, mangos and papayas. We bought some of the grapes and they are delicious. Also got some tangerines and strawberries. 
Last night we went to a restaurant on the ocean for dinner. Had t-bone steak with baked potato. Perfect. Will go there again. They also had entertainment – strolling guitar players. One of them was very good – good singing voice too.
Other than that we didn’t do much. I tried with the knitting again…..I just don’t think that is going to be my forte. I ended up with a muscle cramp in my shoulder from the awkward way I hold the needles……that’s pretty pathetic.
Need to get this posted before the game is on. 


  1. Guanabana = soursop. We tried our first one here in Belize last year. It was okay. But it's definitely revered here in ice cream and as a possible cancer cure. I think it would make great ice cream. Straight up it was "interesting" Good flavor, a bit slimy in texture, with inedible black seeds you have to work a bit to get rid of.

  2. Thanks for the information on the fruit? doesn't sound like something I'm going to rush out and try. even the name "soursop" ick.