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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mazatlan - groceries, books and weather

Good Morning - or Afternoon - Everyone – well I have absolutely nothing to say today. I already wrote about our trip to buy groceries and the 100 drops of rain yesterday – and that was all our excitement for Tuesday. Except for the neighbor almost losing his awning. He had to have Bill help him put it in because he said he didn’t know how to do it. He maybe shouldn’t have put it out then…..
Carnaval is over for another year. So we can go back to going to the Centro Historico when ever we want. All the parking lots will be open again. And the streets not so congested. So it will be only mildly terrifying to drive around. Instead of OMG OMG grab the Oh Sh!t Bar terrifying.
I started a new necklace last evening. It is a stitch I’ve done many times but for some reason I could not get it going. Must have ripped it out 10 times before I got it right. This one will take a long time to do as there is a lot of beading involved and then it has to be put together. Doing it in red, white and blue. I’m thinking it will be a really heavy piece when it is done.
This morning Bill turned the heat on for awhile – got nippy last night. Today is sunny, blue sky and no wind – a day for parasailing????
Had to make a grocery run again this a.m. I was out of Häagen Dazs Dulce de Leche ice cream. Can’t have that. Also wanted some hamburger buns so we can use up the two hamburger patties we’ve been dragging around with us in the freezer. Why can't you buy less then six buns at a time? I only need two. It’s funny what we can find here in the grocery stores – bought Philadelphia Cream Cheese [even little stores in Aticama carry it] and some I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter – also all over. But can’t find tomato paste. Lots of tomato sauce but no paste. We even found summer sausage but still no one has gotten prosciutto in. Talking about groceries I ate and enjoyed every one of my $8 grapes – they were very good.
And we went to the used book store again. He charges US$4.50 a paperback book but you can exchange one for one for ½ that cost. The cigarette smell is free. Lots of paperbacks to choose from.
And I needed some denture cream. I know I brought a bunch with us but can’t find it. Boy is it ever expensive here – US$7 a tube. At home it is around US$5 but here people make Pesos not dollars.
We’re going to watch a soccer game around 1:00 – It is supposed to be broadcast on  Mazatlan Channel 7 if we can get it in. Real de Madrid vs Manchester United. Should be good. Lots of rivalry there.
So that’s it for now. 

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